Nashville s6 ep 15

Gideon is aware that Daphne knows about his drinking. Can we, he wonders, “keep this between the two of us”? That’s… kind of how abusers operate, Gideon. But later on Deacon finds a full bottle of booze in his father’s car and kicks his father out. I have a horrible feeling that next week’s finale will be all about father and son reconciling, so let’s say no more about this storyline for now.

Anyway, the rest of this week’s episode was a lot more fun. Who would have thought that a huge ranch offering equine therapy might be financially unsustainable? Well, it is, and it might have to close down, so Scarlett – being, frankly, much nicer to the hard-faced woman who runs it than she deserves – starts to organise a benefit concert. If it doesn’t make enough money to get by I don’t quite see how a short-term boost in funds will really make a huge difference, but everyone else seems delighted. 

It means, at least, that for the first time in weeks Scarlett and Gunnar are in the same room, as she tries to recruit him for the benefit. He, like her, hasn’t written anything new in ages, and his attempts to do so are unsuccessful at first. But then he decides not to be Gunnar any more – it might be that Not-Gunnar is the logical endpoint of what used to be our Gunnar-of-the-Week series – and knocks out something of a rock-and-roll banger. Steve Earle – don’t ask, keep going – encourages him, and Gunnar is therefore encouraged to hit the stage at the benefit. Along the way he almost makes out with Will, in a slightly odd scene. It isn’t the first time something like this has nearly kinda sorta happened, and I wonder whether the writers have tiptoed up to this as a possible storyline then backed away.

Also on stage at Horse Aid are Scarlett and Sean. Now, given that Mrs Sean has, by this point, already said to Scarlett “Sometimes I think he’d be better off with you”, it might not have been entirely appropriate for the Scarlett and Sean show to feature lots of meaningful eye contact. Sean, of course, thinks he’s in; but Scarlett tells him to go and be with his wife. I’d like this arc to be finished now, thanks.

There’s so much talk, last week and this, about Cadence maybe having a temperature that it’s no surprise when she’s hospitalised. Fortunately it’s been caught in time; I really didn’t want a life-or-death cliffhanger leading into the finale. The issue of Juliette’s pregnancy remains, for now, something of which Avery is unaware, because she doesn’t want him to stay with her just because of that. Juliette has also announced that she is to go to war with Darius and simultaneously retire from the music business. Alannah is still flirting through gritted teeth with Brad, and is so very obviously soliciting his interest that she might as well be writing a song called “I’m Taping My Boss’s Sexual Harassment”. Finally, Twig decides that he’s had enough of being Jonah’s bitch, which is all the encouragement Maddie needed to kiss him. This is all much, much better than the Gideon storyline.


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