Nashville s6 ep 14

I’d like to be more positive about this episode, because Nashville – a show I love – is nearly done. Unfortunately, Deacon’s father Gideon, and his appalling storyline, are hanging over the show like nuclear fallout. He’s started telling The Girls little homespun tales about how he taught Deacon to play guitar, leaving out the bits about him bullying and assaulting his son. So far, so Gideon. Then he starts wandering off – good, good – without telling anyone where he’s going; Deacon follows him, and it turns out that he’s meeting up with some old friends to play a bit of music. 

Which seems to turn the tide a little: Deacon starts, y’know, remembering the good times, then cosies up to his father later on for a jamming session. If this were Jessica, say, snuggling up to Brad because “he wasn’t always mean”, the show would rightly be getting a kicking for equivocating about abuse. So knock it the fuck off, Nashville. No doubt the empty bourbon bottle Daphne finds under Gideon’s bed at the end will be some kind of misunderstanding as well.

Alannah’s storyline is more fun: she’s decided, she tells Brad, that it’s better to be his “friend”: sure enough, she immediately lands a support slot. Entertainingly, she delivers all of her come-ons to Brad in a tone of thinly-veiled contempt, which seems to turn him on even more. The only problem here is that I assume she’s recording every word, and if I’m thinking that it should be occurring to Brad, who as Jessie reveals is a serial predator.

And Maddie decides to go to Europe with Jonah; seconds later, she sees him making out with his psycho ex Mia. Twig gets caught in the crossfire: he was covering for Jonah, which means Maddie hates him; and he didn’t actually manage to cover very well, which means Jonah hates him as well. Poor Twiglet. Poor Maddie.


One thought on “Nashville s6 ep 14

  1. CJ Cregg August 15, 2018 / 8:44 pm

    Totally agree with you about the Deacon/ Gideon thing. Not only is it a bizarre waste of the final season, but everyone is practically gaslighting Deacon into thinking he wasn’t really abused and he imagined half of it. It’s stupid and wildly offensive.

    I continue not to care at all about this Maddie/ Twig/ Jonah axis of inanity.

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