Private Eyes s2 ep 17

Everyone has off days, even our beloved Private Eyes. This week’s curiously subdued tale of sabotage of a family brewery is very mystery-by-numbers, which is more than fine when the show puts its usual cheery stamp on things, but that usual cheery stamp seems to have disappeared with the missing Wallace. As well as a lack of surprises, Private Eyes’s usual jauntiness just isn’t there for some reason. The problem isn’t so much that the answer to the mystery is obvious very early on – as our friend Traxy pointed out last week, that’s not unusual in procedural drama series – but that the process of the characters finding it out is somewhat downbeat and not as much fun as usual, although the odd little detail like the Girl on a Bike business and Zoe hammered on the couch do lift things a bit. The Jules sub-plot doesn’t particularly help – Jules is a nice girl, her relationship with Shade is lovely, and Zoe is very sweet to her, but I just don’t care about her love life. At all. The people on this show whose love lives I do care about are adults, namely (1) Shade and Angie, and (2) Maz and Zoe. The latter are already sorted – a shot of Maz might well have livened this episode up – of course, but it looks like the former are going to tease us till the end of the series. Sigh. Shangie are as charming as ever and their last scene is very cute, though, and despite how sad the resolution of the mystery is, the episode does end on a hopeful, even moving note. There’s no such thing as a bad episode of Private Eyes (or at least there hasn’t been so far) so this was never less than perfectly watchable and even reasonably entertaining but – possibly because I put too much faith in this show to distract me from too many other things – it felt like a little bit of a letdown.


3 thoughts on “Private Eyes s2 ep 17

  1. Traxy July 29, 2018 / 4:34 pm

    I like Jules and Boyfriend, they’re super cute, but yeah, boyfriend’s actor is Bruno in the Bruno & Boots films (based on Gordon Korman’s books, which I LOVE!) so I might be slightly biased.

    The funny thing is that hubby suggested what had happened, and I thought “really? That sounds a bit dark for this show” but he was right! Of course, because it’s this show, it was turned into more of a sob story than an episode of Generic Hardboiled Crime Drama.

    And yeah, this episode definitely lacked Maz. But then I would say that even if he was in it, because that actor’s super cute. *cough*

    • CJ Cregg July 29, 2018 / 6:09 pm

      I’ve not heard of Bruno & Boots till now, Traxy, but I see the films are on Netflix. Are they worth a watch?

      The more Maz the better as far as I’m concerned. No judgement here 😆

  2. Jed Bartlet August 2, 2018 / 8:51 pm

    I liked this episode more than you did. I didn’t guess who the baddie was – and the actual revelation was, as you say, surprisingly moving – and while I wouldn’t normally be interested in the teen romance plot it works for me, because the actor playing Jules is just a lovely screen presence. Hell, so is the actor playing Liam. They are ADORBS.

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