Poldark s4 ep 6


Let’s get the sad stuff out of the way, first. Poor, traumatised Morwenna is utterly miserable and on the brink of a breakdown, despite Dr Dwight’s valiant attempts to help her and Drake’s one last attempt at wooing her. I don’t know if she’ll ever be ready, Drake, but I feel like it’s a bit too soon to be pushing the issue. Give it a few months, eh? And please don’t be so quick to try and pick things back up with Rosina instead. I mean, she’s lovely, but you’d still drop her in a heartbeat if Morwenna came calling, so maybe you could just try being single for a while, man. Get in touch with your inner Drake.

While Morwenna is desperately sad and possibly pretending to be pregnant, Elizabeth is reasonably happy and definitely pretending not to be, the plan being to delay telling George she’s with child so he thinks she always has babies at eight months. Whatevs. Valentine’s true parentage has to come out one day, so y’know, I can wait. Speaking of which…. New Sensible Ross is doing a grand job squiring Caroline around London, keeping a protective eye on Geoffrey Charles and impressing the Prime Minister with his charitable endeavours, but poor this leaves Demelza’s feeling much more like his long-distance workmate than his wife. She’s still in Cornwall running the house, the kids and the mine, and this week she’s also doing her best to save Pascoe’s Bank from Warleggan’s latest scheme to ruin the Poldarks and their friends. “It’s just his way,” says Marie Antoinette Elizabeth. “I’m content.” Well, that’s fine then, isn’t it? As long as you’re sorted, Elizabeth, I don’t suppose it matters if your husband destroys everybody else in Cornwall. *Rolls eyes*

Anyway, Demelza is terrific, and with enthusiastic assistance from Prudie, Sam and Zacky, and markedly less enthusiastic help from Lord Falmouth, almost achieves the impossible, only to be outmanoeuvred by the Weasel at the last minute. Hurrumph. In a rare instance of an episode of Poldark having a happy ending, however, New Sensible Ross returns home – reuniting Dwight and Caroline in the process, which is genuinely lovely – just in time to appreciate how splendid his wife is and set about trying to resurrect the bank and undo the damage George has wrought. When that doesn’t quite work, Reckless Hothead Ross makes a bit of a comeback and has me briefly yelling at him while Demelza and Dr Dwight have to physically restrain him, even though murdering George would be a true service to humanity (and to my Sunday night viewing) at this point. But actually that all works out brilliantly, because Reckless Hothead Ross stirs Sir Frances’s conscience in a way New Sensible Ross couldn’t manage and Pascoe’s Bank rises joyously from the ashes as the new and fabulous Cornish Bank, with Sir Francis and Cap’n Ross himself among the partners. Hurrah! Our hero ends the episode as an MP, a mineowner, a banker, a philanthropist and a very attentive husband, with his wife in his arms and his bed in London at last. Aw. I was dreading this episode when I read the EPG and thought George was going to win again but I ended up really enjoying at least the second half of it and I was delighted with the cheeriest ending we’ve had in ages. Unfortunately, that feeling lasted about ten seconds, though, because then the trailer for next week’s came on and that looks like it will drive me nuts. Oh, well.

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