Public Service Announcement 26 of 2018: Harrow

Fill-in-the-blanks time. Harrow is an Australian drama which stars (a) as a brilliant, yet maverick and rule-breaking (b), with a passion for (c), a complicated (d), and a Secret (e).

The answers are as follows: (b) forensic pathologist; (c) old movies; (d) home life, of course; and (e), unsurprisingly, is Pain. Which makes (a) all-important, because we really have, one imagines, seen this all before, and it will therefore stand (e.g Private Eyes) or fall on its actors. And this time the brilliant maverick etc. is played by Ioan Gruffudd. Which is good news for him at least, as no more than a few years ago he was complaining about not getting any decent parts, and generally sounding like someone in need of a cwtch. However, Gruffudd is not an actor with whom I get on, so I’ll be giving this a miss. Ellie from Hawaii Five-0 (Mirrah Foulkes) also features. The season is only ten episodes long, and the show has been renewed, so if it sounds like your sort of thing it’s probably worth getting invested (tonight, Alibi, 9pm).


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