Lethal Weapon s2 ep 21

Avery is away exploring a run for office, so Murtaugh is promoted to acting captain, with full access to the executive floor – which has a breakfast bar! – and the authority to order things like an LAPD Ferrari. (Which, it should be said, is deeply cool.) But he also has a high-profile case to worry about, when Lisa Conlon, the wife of a wealthy Big Pharma guy, is kidnapped. At first it looks as if it’s been motivated by money, but it isn’t.

Riggs, meantime, has managed to get his father moved to a prison closer to home. Which turns out to be handy when there’s evidence to suggest that the kidnappers are members of a white supremacist gang to which Riggs senior has ties, and there’s a deal on the table: if Riggs’s father helps to secure the hostage’s return, he’ll be released. Riggs’s ambivalence about this is clear, but he nonetheless visits his father and obtains information which moves the investigation forward. Leo Getz wanders in and out of the plot as well.

It’s not the best of the season, but it’s good enough: the emotional heft is amplified by Riggs’s discovery that he has a REDACTED; and there’s a delightfully nasty twist in the final scene.

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