Lethal Weapon s2 ep 20

Murtaugh and Riggs are called out to what looks like a home invasion murder, and find Murtaugh’s old letterman jacket on the premises. He had lent it to Riana, who in turn had passed it to her new friend Phoebe. And we’ve already been given plenty of reasons to infer that she’s not a good influence. But could she also be a killer? Well, no; but she was on the premises with her dodgy boyfriend before the killing, and she did steal some diamonds, which means that some unsavoury characters are after him. Murtaugh tries to investigate while fretting about Riana, who is acting out.

Meantime, Riggs is groping towards becoming a father figure for Molly’s son Ben. As flashbacks to Riggs’s childhood show, Molly is fully aware of the abuse Riggs suffered at the hands of his father, which – rather sweetly – means that she gives him every chance to learn on the job. On the other hand, when Riggs accidentally hits Ben on the face with a baseball, he’s clearly haunted by the thought that he might have inherited his father’s bad blood. It’s a decent episode but nothing special. Directed by Clayne.

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