Lethal Weapon s2 ep 19

It’s a Leo Getz episode and, as ever, as soon as Thomas Lennon appears onscreen he’s immediately the best comic actor on the show. (Clayne Crawford remains the best everything else.) Much to everyone’s amazement Leo is getting married, and it’s taking place at a hotel near the airport with a “serious rodent problem”. The more immediate problem, though, is that Leo’s betrothed, Nina, has failed to appear. Murtaugh and Riggs discover that she’s an ex-con, and when they get to her apartment they find a dead guy with a stiletto shoe in his head. Doesn’t look good.

Meantime, Riggs and Molly are trying to make it work, although Riggs is convinced that someone is following them. In turn – but without telling her – he ensures that Molly is watched by a couple of police officers, which is how he finds out that she’s met her ex Jake, still on the run and up to no good. And Murtaugh discovers a positive pregnancy test in a bin. He’s convinced it’s Trish’s so it obviously isn’t hers; we’re being led towards Riana, I think, but it isn’t hers either. Tremendous.

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