Lethal Weapon s2 ep 18

Michael Diamond, a mobster rather than a Beastie Boy, is found dead. Murtaugh immediately recognises it as having the signature of a hit carried out by sniper-for-hire Frankie Kelso, someone he’s been trying to capture for most of his time in the police. (And someone who had the chance to kill Murtaugh, but didn’t, on the day Riana was born.) Kelso is tracked down fairly quickly but, as it turns out, only because he wanted to be: he quickly turns the tables on Murtaugh and takes him hostage, insisting that he’s now a retired sniper-for-hire and that someone is fitting him up. Murtaugh believes him. As, in due course, does Riggs, even after Kelso confesses.

Riggs, meantime, is still fighting his own demons, and specifically those relating to his father, who seems to want to… reach out to him? I can’t imagine how that must feel after the abuse he suffered as a child. Anyway, Riggs actually asks his father for help with the investigation when it appears that one of Kelso’s old contacts was in jail with Riggs père, something for which the latter will suffer, which will presumably heap more guilt and agony onto Riggs’s shoulders. It’s a great episode, elevated by Jude Ciccolella’s pitch-perfect world-weariness as Kelso.


One thought on “Lethal Weapon s2 ep 18

  1. Kay20 August 8, 2018 / 2:01 am

    Amazing episode. Gripping and well acted by all. Bailey also great with her dry sarcasm.

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