Blindspot s3 ep 22


The first half of this finale does nothing for me. While Team Tat uncover various clues stemming from an incredibly laboured, dull metaphor/plot device involving a French first edition of The Count of Monte Cristo, whiny Roman whines his way to a final confrontation “back where it all began”, somehow establishing Crawford as the fiendish mastermind behind all his troubles ever. Blergh. The defeated Crawford, rather than wanting to slap him about the head, sacrifices himself instead, committing suicide by Jane so Roman can live another day and reunite with wet blanket Blake. So far, so season three, but, just as I’m getting seriously annoyed at the prospect of Roman getting away yet again and having to endure another season of his self-righteousness, he doesn’t. Yes, he reunites with Blake but – not something I ever expected to say in connection with Blake – that’s when things start to get interesting: in the first of three major shocks to end the season and the first sign of any actual resemblance to her father, she suddenly produces a spine and a gun, tells Roman what’s what and shoots him in the stomach! OMG!

Is it wrong that I shouted at her to “Shoot him again!”?

She doesn’t though, so, at this point, having left him bleeding but alive, I’m once again resigned to the idea that Roman and the chip on his shoulder will make it to season four, but lo! Jane turns up! Does she shoot him? Well, no. Instead they have an emotional reunion which might have meant something had this storyline not gone on far too long already and he not been insufferable, but no mater. This time, at last, having first dutifully made a telephone call to set someone else up as yet ANOTHER big bad behind him, Roman really does die, in his sister’s arms, on a stunning South African clifftop, as the sun begins to set in the distance. It’s a strikingly beautiful shot of nature at its most lovely – this show has never skimped on location work and it’s the better for it – and a startling contrast with the next one: the dark, sleek, futuristic cityscape of night-time New York, where Kurt is being kind to Jane, and Patterson and Rich are working on the elaborately-decorated USB that was Roman’s dying gift. A lexicon of the tattoos if you will, it won’t entirely solve them all right away – perish the thought – but it’ll get them there, eventually. Or will it? Because, if Roman’s death presses the sorely-needed Reset button on the show, there are then a couple more shocks which thump the poor Reset button so hard it’s obliterated.

First up, while it’s no surprise that Blake didn’t get a clue all on her own, Zapata gave it to her? ZAPATA? We all knew last week’s “firing” was a cover for something, but if you guessed it was for going undercover (for the CIA still, presumably?) as part of Team Blake, you’re way cleverer than I am.

On the off-chance we’re not already reeling from that particular twist, though, the show’s not done yet. Kurt may be bleeding out between surgeries and “not looking good”, but I think we all know he’ll be fine. The bigger problem, although Team Tat don’t know it yet, is that Jane, suffering from ZIP poisoning – the science/timeline behind this suddenly manifesting itself being somewhat irregular – isn’t actually Jane any more….

The deliciously nasty little smile on Remi’s face as she sits holding Kurt’s hand is a terrifically-unsettling way to end a season which started brilliantly and joyously, before getting itself bogged down yet again in angst and Doe family woes. I’m really not sure if I’ll enjoy the return of Remi or not, but Blindspot was in desperate need of re-tooling – Rich Dotcom and a sense of humour made a massive difference to at least the first half of the season, even if he was under-used in the second, and Patterson is always a joy, but it was time for a shake-up and this is certainly that. We’ll see how it works out in season four.


2 thoughts on “Blindspot s3 ep 22

  1. Jed Bartlet May 27, 2018 / 11:57 pm

    WELL. That smile at the end gave me the CREEPS.

    Agree about the first half of the episode, but things kicked into gear when Blake shot Roman. I must admit I’m not entirely sure what it all means – I’m slightly shamefaced about the fact that I watched the last ten minutes twice to try and figure it all out – but, as you say, the show needed a shakeup. I don’t think this has been a great season.

  2. Kay20 January 7, 2019 / 5:08 pm

    Last thirty minutes made up for a good chunk of season three. While I’m excited about Remi, the Zapata reveal was all sorts of awesome. Too much to hope her handler is the same guy she had chemistry with? So much more interesting than a Reade romance.

    Good stuff!

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