Designated Survivor s2 ep 18


The hacker with the thing for Alan Turing is leaking tapes of PJB’s therapy sessions, upsetting everyone at the White House a lot and everyone else in the US even more. I’m a little bemused by what’s supposed to be so shocking about them: the Capitol bombing, the devastation of the entire political system and the loss of his wife had an effect on POTUS’s mental health. And…? Of course they did, he’s not a robot, FFS.

In these talking-head-tastic times, the frenzy over his fitness to serve isn’t exactly shocking either, though. Although the sheer speed at which Congress and the newly-minted VP move in for the kill is quite something – before we know it, we’re invoking the 25th Amendment and planning our own unprecedented special hearing with Michael J Fox playing Louis Canning MK II. No offence to MJF, who is a fine actor, but Louis Canning MK I already overstayed his welcome, so I’m really not looking forward to a repeat.

For now, though, I suppose this episode is OK as far as Designated Survivor season 2 episodes go, if nothing special. Emily learns a lesson (and stops behaving in the mad way she has over the past few eps), Chuck and Tricia prove once again that they’re better than everyone else on the show put together, and, er, REDACTED dies?! I know it’s fiction, but it never feels quite right to be pleased about the death of a character on tv so I won’t do a happy dance or anything. I mean, he was awful and I never want to see him again, but poor Q. How many partners can one agent lose?


One thought on “Designated Survivor s2 ep 18

  1. Jed Bartlet July 13, 2018 / 8:11 pm

    Not terrible, and like you I’m delighted to see the back of Damian. In a show which strains credulity in a million different ways, one of the most striking examples was the way in which Damian – lucky not to be executed, should certainly be doing 25-to-life in solitary – was allowed to wander free doing what the hell he liked in pursuit of some extremely important and sensitive work. In fact, when he was shot, and Q hosted “Agent down!” into her phone, I fleetingly wondered whether the writers had forgotten who and what he was.

    That aside I agree; this was a decent episode. I thought that Kiefer was particularly good this week: he can do a sort of pain-wracked nobility very well, as he did for two seasons of Touch.

    Was Frost friendzoning him? (Rhetorical; I realise that if you’ve seen the rest of the episodes you probably know the answer, and I’m unspoiled.)

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