Scandal s7 ep 14

At this stage in the game, ‘The List’ is probably about as good an episode of Scandal as we can reasonably expect. In the ripped-from-the-headlines #TimesUp/#MeToo part, a worried father turns up in D.C. looking for Olivia’s help in finding his daughter Alisha, who had been interning for a congressman but has gone missing. Olivia, under the umbrella of the Fitzgerald Grant Institute, looks into it, and discovers that Alisha had declined to sleep with her male boss, information which made its way onto a list in which young female employees were rated sexually; Alisha then, in consequence, lost her job, was unable to find another one, and killed herself.

Olivia eventually manages to persuade Alisha’s roommate, who did sleep with her boss (and kept her job) to go public about what has been going on; and Mellie – the recipient of an advance from Jake – indicates that she will introduce legislation aimed at curbing sexual harassment. Meantime Fitz, who can read a room, worries about whether his behaviour towards Olivia when they first met was inappropriate. (Any man of a certain age in possession of a conscience is asking himself the same sort of questions about his past behaviour.) Olivia assures him that if there was a line they crossed it together and that she would do so again.

All of this, though, starts to provide evidence that Gladiator Olivia might be returning, which is of importance for the episode’s other storyline: the ongoing investigation into the hijacking of Air Force Two. Olivia tells Abby that it was Cyrus’s doing in the hope that QPA will look into it. But Olivia’s name is still toxic at QPA, so when Quinn and Charlie find out where that suggestion came from they stop investigating. Huck, though, keeps going, and turns up the information that the virus which infected the plane’s systems was created on Charlie’s laptop. Charlie, of course, used to be Cyrus’s hired gun, so Quinn thinks that they might have been working together again. The FBI finds out about Charlie’s supposed involvement as well, which leads to his arrest, and which brings Quinn to Olivia’s door looking for help. And David Rosen recuses himself from the investigation, leading to the appointment of a special prosecutor, someone we’ve already seen conspiring with Cyrus. Now, that’s entertainment.


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