The Good Fight s2 ep 1


Carl Reddick is dead. And he’s not the only one – “Oh my God, what is going on?” asks Diane, shocked by the number of Chicago lawyers she knows taking sudden trips to meet their maker, and the court security guard at risk of following them via the heart attack express, “It’s like a plague!”

A plague which will irrevocably change Reddick Boseman one way or another: faced with Barbara going decidedly off-piste, the potential loss of the Reddick name and the Obama Presidential Library account with it, Diane and Julius try to recruit Carl’s daughter and newly-resigned AUSA Liz – Audra McDonald – as a new equity partner, reasoning that Adrian being unlikely to welcome his ex-wife to his fiefdom with joy and delight is no reason not to.

Diane and Julius aren’t the only ones recruiting at the funeral, meanwhile, as Diane’s old “friend” Renee offers her a partnership a year too late before giving it to Barbara instead (whaaa…?) and Marissa – after a very kind, very patient steer from Jay – essentially recruits herself as a back-up investigator, whether Adrian wants one or not.

Not a competency-based interview in sight, then, but jobs flying around all over the place. And more besides: Jane Lynch’s Madeline Starkey is back to try and wheedle Henry Rindell’s whereabouts out of Maia, jockeying for the title of “Most inappropriate use of a funeral setting” with the bartender who gives Diane magic mushrooms because… I don’t know. There’s a great deal going on in this episode, and I’m not sure I truly, properly “got” it. The political stuff was clever if unsubtle – and as one of my friends pointed out, will really date the show in due course – but the surfeit of funerals and the Judge Lyman (!) court scenes gave us plenty of black humour, the return of Julius after his resignation last season was an unexpected delight, and the Trump-Rindell-Starkey audio very funny as well as incredibly alarming. Maia’s “memories”, however, I’m a little fed up with – I’ve had enough of her spacing out and maybe remembering/maybe not entire scenes – but Lucca and Jay redeemed the rest of that storyline for this week at least, and it’s always nice to see Marissa. To be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure how I felt about this episode overall till I started to write this but in short: I liked a lot of “Day 408” even if I was nonplussed by the rest of it, and I’m glad The Good Fight’s back, either way.


One thought on “The Good Fight s2 ep 1

  1. Jed Bartlet March 21, 2018 / 8:48 pm

    I agree with your overall assessment. The tape business was great, Judge Lyman was excellent, and I’m ride-or-die for Marissa, as you know. I am, however, nothing like as interested in the precise composition of Chicago law firms as the writers are. I remember this weighing down the last couple of seasons of The Good Wife as well.

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