Hawaii Five-0 s8 ep 10

After the events of last week, Steve, Danny, Tani, and Junior have recovered from Ebosles but are still in an isolation unit, where their only enemy should be boredom. Tani and Junior even flirt a bit. However, the peace is shattered when an unidentified assailant dresses up in hazmat gear and gets into the unit, wires the door to explode if opened, then shoots Danny before killing himself. As Danny is bleeding out, he starts to hallucinate the future: the restaurant he’s running with Steve (“Serve ‘em, Danno”); his daughter’s wedding to Grover’s son; his son joining HPD; Tani running the Five-0 (and married to Junior); Adam and Kono having a baby.

Meantime, in the present day, Steve eagerly seizes the opportunity to perform some field surgery on Danny, ending up being talked through a reasonably delicate and complicated operation by a proper doctor. Eventually they will of course be rescued, although Danny’s shooter’s identity and motive remain mysterious by the end of the episode.

We know from the start that Danny isn’t actually going to die, because we’ve seen TV procedurals before. So this episode really shouldn’t work. Miraculously, though, it does. The action in the hospital is properly tense, and the flash-forwards are as funny or sweet or touching as they need to be, culminating in a scene in which a wistful and elderly Steve and Danny sit by the beach, amiably bickering, which is genuinely and unexpectedly moving. It’s no surprise to discover that the episode was written by Zoe Robyn, who was responsible for two of season 7’s standout episodes. Ms Robyn clearly knows what she’s about.


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