Public Service Announcement 13 of 2018: The Good Fight, Keeping Faith

The Good Fight or “What Diane Lockhart Did Next” hit screens last year with some very big heels to fill – things went awry for The Good Wife towards the end of its run, but it will always be one of my favourite programmes of all time. Happily, TGF did its mother show proud: its first season wasn’t perfect (neither was TGW’s) but, as I said in my review of the season finale, it wasn’t just a worthy follow-up to one of the best tv shows ever made but a genuinely terrific one in its own right. So I’m looking forward to season two, starting on More 4 tonight (Thursday) at 9pm and pleased to see that we’re getting a very civilised thirteen episodes this time around instead of the mere ten we had before. Statement necklaces at the ready: we’ll be reviewing weekly, as usual.

Talking of shows about female lawyers, meantime, BBC Wales’s eight-part drama Keeping Faith has been quietly hidden away from the rest of the UK, with episodes going out at 9pm on Tuesday nights on BBC 1 Wales while everyone else has to make do with Shetland or something. Eve Myles stars as solicitor Faith (yes, the title is stupid, but don’t let it put you off) whose husband Evan just up and disappears one day, leaving her with their kids, their legal practice and no idea what is going on. All five episodes shown so far are available on iPlayer and while the first episode takes a little while to get going, once Evan vanishes things get very compelling very quickly – Faith herself is a great, rounded character, the mystery deepens with every episode, and, as one of my workmates made me realise today, the show manages to be quite gripping without, if I can paraphrase Jed, relying on the usual thriller motif of “artfully-displayed” naked female corpses (take note, True Detective, The Fall and co). It’s not anywhere near as glamorous or as sharp as The Good Fight, but I really, really like it – if you’re interested, it’s worth a shot.


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