Public Service Announcement 12 of 2018: Nashville, Below The Surface

Nashville is returning to UK screens for its sixth and last season. I thought season 5, its first post-network effort, a little up-and-down: understandably, perhaps, the show seemed directionless in the immediate post-Connie Britton period, and Hayden Panettiere wasn’t given nearly enough to do. (Connie fans – and who isn’t one? – might like to note that her new show 9-1-1 now has a UK broadcaster.) But it was an excellent year for Chip Esten, and for Maisy and Lennon Stella. Anyway this is all irrelevant, because I stopped pretending years ago that I was anything other than hopelessly in love with this show. And even though I’m now the only person left on the good ship Gunnlett, if that isn’t endgame a little part of me will die. Weekly reviews to come (Friday 9 March, 10pm, Sky Living).

I’m also going to review the first two episodes, at least, of the next inhabitant of BBC4’s Subtitles-on-Saturday slot: Below The Surface (Gidseltagningen), a Danish drama in which 15 people are taken hostage on board an underground train in Copenhagen. It’s exec produced by, among others, Adam Price (Borgen) and Søren Sveistrup (The Killing/Forbrydelsen). It’s been a while since Unpopcult took on some Scandi-drama, and I quite like the premise, so I’m going to give it a go, even if, inevitably, it’s in BBC4’s favoured stupid double-bills (Saturday 10 March, BBC4, 9 and 10pm).

Also starting: season 2 of Jessica Jones (Netflix, now); season 5 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine (tonight, E4, 9pm); season 8 of Still Game (tonight, BBC 1, 9.30pm).

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