Scandal s7 ep 8

Quinn is dead, folks. Very, very dead. No, we haven’t actually seen the body; Rowan throws a body into a car, for sure, and sets fire to it. And yes, that corpse is burnt beyond recognition, and identified only by some DNA from some blood and hair, but there could clearly be no suggestion that these are the sorts of things which might be planted. Oh, and some bits of her wedding dress are there as well. Yes, it’s totally Quinn. I mean, I’ve watched TV before, so I know what’s going on. What’s utterly baffling, though, is that the assembled OPA alums, who have been responsible separately and collectively for a double-digit number of intricately-planned conspiracies, seem quite happy to accept this. Come on, folks.

Anyway. Charlie claims that Quinn loved a story about someone being cremated and the ashes then put into bullet casings, so even though it’s demented that’s what they do with “Quinn’s” “remains”. And most of the rest of the episode is about how Quinn’s friends and colleagues cope with their “loss”: Olivia drinks whisky, is unnecessarily mean to Fitz, but then sleeps with him; Huck realises that Olivia quite probably had something to do with Quinn’s “death”, and starts investigating; Charlie is too emotional to deal with the baby goods in their apartment, so Abby and David go round to dismantle the crib, and find a flash drive. And while they’re doing that, Charlie goes to Rowan’s house asking to be readmitted to B-613, but while there hears a crying baby. Obviously can’t be Quinn’s, because she’s dead and Rowan doesn’t have ob-gyn skills, as far as I’m aware. So it must be someone else’s baby, although Charlie throttles Rowan anyway.

Oh, and in non-connected news, Fenton breaks up with Cyrus, because he’s discovered that Cyrus is a psychopath. It isn’t a terrible episode by any means – and the lengthy Quinn reminiscences have a certain power – but it relies too heavily on the premise that everyone on the show accepts, without question, that Quinn is dead. Maybe she is. That would truly be a twist.

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