Nashville s5 ep 12

Ten weeks later. Juliette’s gospel album is released to predictably terrible reviews (“culturally tone deaf”, “treacly mess”, “hashtag problematic” – OK, I made the last one up, but really. Didn’t she see this coming?). Undaunted, she’s offering Maddie advice on her forthcoming album, although since this – power ballads with a country tinge – is more in her wheelhouse, she is at least able to season her judgments with something approaching expertise.

Deacon is sitting behind a desk at Highway 65, pretending to be a record company exec, while Zach is babbling on about disrupting the industry by securing “mindshare”. Bucky, on the other hand, would prefer some actual old-fashioned cash money, thanks, which is why Zach wants to get rid of him. Nuh-uh, Zach. Bucky is unsackable. Zach and Will now seem to be a thing, incidentally.

As for The Exes: oh God. While Scarlett waits to find out who the father of her unborn child is, Damien is still phoning and texting her. Gunnar – better hair, incidentally – vows to stand by her no matter what. “I’ve failed her so many times…”, he says, once again flying in the face of the show that we’ve actually been watching. As it happens, he isn’t the father, so presumably this is just another indignity that he’s going to have to tolerate because of the non-existent shortcomings in his past treatment of Scarlett.

And Daphne’s in bother at school: cutting classes, not handing in assignments, and so on. It’s hardly surprising, poor little thing, given that through a grotesque set of circumstances she’s now living with her dead mother’s baby daddy, and a therapist says that she’s showing signs of major depression. Once again Maisy Stella is good, whether or not the material is: the end of the episode, when Daphne, Maddie, and Deacon edge towards some sort of accommodation, is kind of touching. On the other hand, I do NOT want to see her cool new rebellious friends from the streets EVER, EVER AGAIN. But I will, next week, which means that this episode barely gets pass marks.


3 thoughts on “Nashville s5 ep 12

  1. e July 25, 2017 / 11:43 pm

    Thank you for watching this tripe so I don’t have to.

  2. CJ Cregg July 31, 2017 / 11:22 pm

    Is Zach not a Sillicon Valley billionaire with a massive global tech business he has to run in California? How has he got all this time to hang about in Nashville messing around with a two-bit record company? Surely he’d have hired a business manager to represent his interests and left them to it?

    Scarlett is the worst and this storyline is unspeakable. Move on, Gunnar. You deserve better than this. We all do.

    As for Daphne’s “cool new rebellious friends from the streets” – NO.

  3. Jed Bartlet July 31, 2017 / 11:40 pm

    Yeah, but this is his passion, dude. Who wants to be making a fortune from cool tech products when you can be desperately trying to keep someone else’s loss-making vanity label going, in the teeth of opposition from locals who are still running a record label as if it were the 70s?

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