Public Service Announcement 27 of 2017: How To Get Away With Murder, Friends From College, In The Dark

Unpopcult might be about to go on its own summer hiatus – although it hasn’t quite happened yet – but the TV keeps on coming. First up is the third season of How To Get Away With Murder, which has finally made its way to the UK. It’s moved from Universal to Sky Living, but I won’t be moving with it; at some point during season 2 I realised that I was trying way too hard to care about any of the characters. It’s been renewed for a fourth season, though, so if it’s still your thing it’s worth keeping going (Thursday 13 July, 9pm, Sky Living).

Next, I have little idea of how the artistic side of the Netflix business model works. It seems to me, though, that from time to time it consists of throwing a load of money and a load of stars at an interesting writer-directer and hoping that magic will ensue. Step forward Friends From College, a comedy about a group of Harvard buddies reconnecting. It’s exec produced by Nicholas Stoller (The Five-Year Engagement, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Muppets) and Francesca Delbanco, his – sorry, I know this looks kind of sexist, but I’ve looked her up on IMDB and as far as I can see this is her first credit – wife. It stars, among others, Cobie Smulders, Annie Parisse, Keegan-Michael Key, Fred Savage, and Billy Eichner. And, after all that, the advance reviews suggest that it’s rubbish (Netflix, Friday 14 July).

Finally, a bit of British drama: In The Dark is a four-part adaptation of a Mark Billingham crime thriller. I’m a big fan of Billingham, and the book is excellent. As ever, though, it’s precisely because I like the source material that I won’t be watching: I know what DS Helen Weeks looks like, and it isn’t MyAnna Buring. I have a hunch, though, that this will actually be quite good (tonight, 9pm, BBC 1).


One thought on “Public Service Announcement 27 of 2017: How To Get Away With Murder, Friends From College, In The Dark

  1. Snoskred July 12, 2017 / 12:22 am

    I do not know anything about Billingham but I have been enjoying the earlier seasons of Line of Duty this week – hooley dooley that show is amazing. I added in the dark to my list and episode one arrives as I type. Yay!

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