Lethal Weapon s1 ep 16

In the Case of the Week, Jesse, a high school American football star, and his cousin Steven are shot at as they leave a party. Steven dies; Jesse survives, but his injury will end his football career, which has some resonance for Murtaugh who went through the same sort of thing while at college.

He gets little sympathy – or even interest – from Riggs, though, who is distracted by this week’s really big question: what to do about Agent Palmer, with whom it is revealed he spent the night? (SQUEE!) Now, this really shouldn’t be difficult. One word: Hilarie. She’s even leaving him cute little jokes on a business card. But this is Riggs, who is now torturing himself because, at bottom, he doesn’t think he deserves to be happy. This even manifests itself in physical form: once when he headbutts a mirror, and once when he goads a former heavyweight boxer into punching him on the jaw. And underlying all of this, of course, is guilt about the death of his wife. Let’s be clear about this: to be entirely honest, Unpopcult is FED UP with STUPID DEAD WIVES coming along and RUINING PERFECTLY GOOD SHIPS.

The crime is solved, of course. Murtaugh is offered a new job, which he contemplates because Trish is still out of work, and loving it, but he turns it down. And Riggs makes the only sensible decision he can, which is to hook up again with Agent Palmer. Great stuff.


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