Hawaii Five-0 s7 ep 25

A quick sidebar before we get started: as I hoped, I was able to catch up with the MacGyver/Hawaii Five-0 crossover episode, which was… fine. As it’s the only episode (of either iteration of MacGyver) I’ve ever seen, my observations are few in number and probably inaccurate: like everything else just now, it has a hot female hacker; there’s an unconvincing ship; and George Eads is doing a lot of the heavy lifting.

Anyway, to business. Moani, the girl rescued from sex traffickers a few episodes ago, gets in touch with Kono and provides her with a sketch of someone else who was involved in the trafficking ring. He’s identified as Deon Miller, and he’s still very much a part of the business; in fact, he’s found to be driving a truck with a trailer full of terrified girls.

What to do? Well, to start with the HPD (led by the returning Abby) uses some cars and barriers to set up what it thinks is a perimeter, in the hope that Miller will stop, but Miller just crashes through it. And then things get kind of weird. Miller’s being followed; everyone knows where he is – it’s even on TV; no-one knows where he’s going; yes, he’s probably got plenty of fuel, so he can keep moving for a while, but it’s an island, and there’s a limit to where he can go. Rather than just wait him out, though, maybe until he really needs to go to the john, Steve decides that immediate action is called for: the truck, he explains, is to be guided towards a tunnel, and when it emerges he’s going to jump on top of it, enter the trailer, free the girls, smack Miller around, etc. “Are you”, demands Danny, “completely whacked out of your head?” Probably; but he’s going to do it, and everyone – including Steve – keeps talking as if it’s more or less a suicide mission, without exploring the possibility that hanging around and doing nothing might work just at least as well.

Steve successfully jumps onto the truck, though and uses some sort of portable welding device to open the roof of the trailer and free the girls, although not without the usual violence, and some daring stuntwork. It’s all pretty intense, and it’s worth remembering that this is the 25th episode of the season; Alex O’Loughlin undoubtedly needs a rest.

And as this is the finale, a few threads need to be left dangling. Kono, earlier seen buying a pregnancy test, and despairing about how the Five-0’s successful operation will barely make a dent on child sex trafficking, hops on a plane to Carson City, Nevada, which was where Miller intended to take the girls. It still isn’t clear if Grace Park will be back for the eighth season, and it would be a shame if she weren’t, although I daresay the show could survive.

Meantime Steve isn’t feeling well, and it isn’t anything to do with Danny’s organ being inside him; it’s because he has radiation poisoning (!) from handling the dirty bomb earlier in the year. As Alex O’Loughlin has said before that he wouldn’t want to do more than eight seasons (although he seems to be relaxing his stance on that), it’s possible this is the start of that particular trail of breadcrumbs. I will be very much back next time, though: I thought this was the best season of H50 for years.


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