Cardinal s1 ep 5; s1 ep 6

Two very good episodes to finish. In episode 5 the plot strands are being drawn together: a hunter has found the body of Woody, the burglar who got unlucky last week, and from Woody’s internet search history Cardinal and Delorme deduce, very quickly, that since dude was looking at guitars this has to have something to do with the missing Keith and, therefore, with our serial killers. Another leap of logic takes them to the music shop where Eric works, and although he’s not there he becomes their main person of interest.

Meantime Delorme has concluded that Cardinal is paying someone off, rather than being bribed, and sure enough he hands money over to a mysterious woman who comes to his house. In domestic news Cardinal’s wife does a runner from her presumably not-very-secure care facility, and Lise has an argument with Josh – who seems, let’s be honest, to be a bit of a cock – over her entirely understandable desire not to bear his children.

And the episode finishes with a couple of shocks: Eric lures Cardinal and Delorme to a deserted school and shoots Delorme, although she’s wearing a bulletproof vest. When Eric tries to drive away Cardinal jumps into his van and, after a crash, shoots and kills him. But what Cardinal and Delorme don’t yet know is that Eric has an accomplice, Edie, who drags poor Keith into a car boot, then stabs him.

Which takes us into the sixth and final episode. With Keith and Edie both missing, the characters all start to talk as if Keith is dead, which of course is the biggest clue that he’s still alive. But we’ll get to that: first of all Delorme confronts Cardinal with her conclusions from her investigation into him, which are that he’s been taking money to avoid the truth coming out about him tipping off drug dealer Kyle Corbett about a raid, which led to a cop being killed. Cardinal doesn’t even try to deny it, which is also significant for those of us who watch procedurals. Sure enough, Cardinal has been taking the rap for someone else, and since that someone else is his wife, it starts to look very unlikely that he’s going to be hooking up with Delorme, even though Josh takes the hint and moves out.

Meantime Edie discovers that Keith has somehow escaped from the car boot, and takes the battle directly to Cardinal by going to his house and pointing a gun at his daughter, meaning that when Cardinal – who by now has found out about Edie – arrives home he gets shot a couple of times. Fortunately Delorme turns up a few minutes later to kill Edie and save Cardinal, but they still don’t sleep together. It’s like the writers just don’t care about shipping possibilities.

So Cardinal stayed on top of its plots, didn’t outstay its welcome, provided further evidence that Karine Vanasse has star quality, put Agnes Obel on the soundtrack, and finished with its two strongest episodes. I’d say it goes down as a success. Two more seasons are planned, and if the BBC buys them I’ll watch them.


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