Hawaii Five-0 s7 ep 24

Steve makes a special trip to Guantanamo Bay, where a prisoner, Naser Salaam, warns him that there’s about to be a terrorist attack on Oahu, and that he should get everyone he cares about off the island. Understandably, Steve has some difficulty selling this to the rest of the Five-0, who wonder why someone detained at Gitmo should be giving Steve a heads-up. The reason – as we see in flashbacks – is that ten years ago, when Salaam was first imprisoned, Steve was one of his interrogators, but treated him with dignity and kindness when no-one else would. Still doesn’t quite explain it… but it’s hardly the first time H50 has been implausible, so let’s move on.

Salaam isn’t able to give Steve very much intel, but it’s enough for the Five-0 to identify the likely attacker as a radicalised Muslim academic, and in due course for them to work out that the plan is to shoot down a plane as revenge for a SEAL raid in Kabul which killed an al-Qaida operative. It’s an involving plot, and it treats this difficult geopolitical topic with marginally more sophistication than normal, although previous episodes on a similar theme really haven’t set that bar too far off the ground.

In the B-plot, Adam helps Mozzie with a business plan to expand his crime scene cleaning enterprise. According to Kono, Adam is ideally placed to help as he “ran a multinational corporation”. Well, that’s one way of putting it, I suppose. Eventually, as none of Oahu’s banks are wiling to lend Mozzie money, Kamekona steps in with some hard cash and an offer of partnership. It’s nice to see the ex-cons networking. I hope their parole officers are OK with it. And Coughlin, who once tried to bring the Five-0 down, is trying to tempt Chin with a job running an anti-Yakuza task force in San Francisco. I wonder whether this is an insurance policy for the producers, in case Alex O’Loughlin makes good on his plan to leave after eight seasons? Move to the mainland, reboot, keep Scott Caan happy…? Anyway, another good episode; H50 is very much on form at the moment.


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