Hawaii Five-o s7 ep 23

Steve and Danny are decorating Danny’s son’s bedroom, bickering all the while, when Danny gets called away. Seven years ago his last case as an HPD detective, the shooting of a drug dealer, hit a wall when his star witness Aheahe Makino disappeared, presumed dead. However, Makino has turned up alive, as a comatose John Doe in a care facility, starting to show signs that he might regain consciousness.

Danny heads over to the facility. But the news of the recovering John Doe is broadcast on TV, which means that the Ochoa drug cartel – involved in the original case – tries again to kill Makino. Accompanied by his old boss and a nurse (OITNB’s Lori Petty, an engaging and idiosyncratic screen presence), Danny manages to get Makino out of the hospital. They then hole up in a nearby house, while the cartel circles. It should be said that, while they may be great at selling drugs, the cartel members are pretty rubbish at shooting: they fire hundreds, if not thousands, of bullets at the ambulance Danny uses to take Makino away, then at the house to which Danny takes him, and don’t hit Makino once.

Meantime, in flashback, we get to see Danny’s investigation of the original case. We’ve always known that he is ambivalent about living in Hawaii, and it turns out that, while in HPD, he was being subjected to what you might, if you were being generous, describe as hazing, regarded as the out-of-town haole who jumped the queue to get promoted. Eventually he’s taken off the case entirely and allocated the investigation of a dead ex-cop, name McGarrett. Which brings us full circle to the start of season 1. (By coincidence The Blacklist used a very similar device recently.)

It’s a terrific episode; thrilling, muscular, surprisingly poignant in places, and easily one of the season’s best. It therefore came as no surprise when, after watching, I discovered that it was written by Helen Shang & Zoe Robyn, who were responsible for the season’s outstanding episode so far.


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