Public Service Announcement 22 of 2017: Poldark

Given the lengthy gap between the irresistible season one and the difficult season two, I’m a little surprised and not entirely delighted to see that Poldark and his pals are back on our screens for season three so soon. It’s only been seven months since we last saw our hero and since he behaved like a complete asshat for most of the second run, only redeeming himself at the very end, he and I could frankly have done with a bit more time apart. And that’s just Cap’n Ross. The prospect of spending more time with Elizabeth and the Weasel Warleggan….. Argh.

I imagine showing the third season across the summer will pose its own additional challenges for the ratings as well – a brooding, clifftop romantic period drama is, I think, a dish best savoured in the cold, rather than in competition with the warm, light evenings of June, July and August, but hey ho. Regardless of my feelings on the matter, the Poldark posse returns to BBC 1 tomorrow (Sunday) night at 9pm, and I’m on reviewing duties as usual, so I should probably stop grumping about it, remember the things I love about the show, and be glad we’re getting a third season (and a fourth!) at all. Here’s hoping Ross is significantly less of a jerk this time around, though, or it’s going to be a very long nine weeks.


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