The Good Fight s1 ep 10

Season one of The Good Fight marches triumphantly off into the good night both literally and figuratively, with the finale’s case of the week focussing on a cyber-terrorism plot to hack the Chicago power grid and cause a blackout, for woolly reasons not dissimilar to those old-school 24 villains used to have – “things need to change, save the country from itself” etc. How turning the lights out is going to achieve that any time soon remains somewhat vague, but I assume it’s a very long game.

The plot brings back both Bitcoin Boy and NotMilo, and causes all sorts of trouble for Colin, Lucca and everybody else with lots of dashing from court to court and angry lawyering going on all over the place. Not that the lawyering always needs to be quite so angry – was I the only one thinking it was somewhat counter-productive for Adrian (much as I love him) to attack Colin on the stand in the way he did? The guy was DESPERATE to tell the world Lucca was innocent – why not let him?

But attack mode is the order of the ep, with the partners finally telling Maia she needs to be “more bold” and Maia finally – DEAR GOD – actually doing it. Her defence of Lucca is as spirited as it is unexpected, so good for her. Especially since she may need to use this new-found boldness to defend herself now Papa has done a runner and the Feds are coming after her instead. While apparently ignoring Lenore and Jax who could not be more obviously guilty if they held up signs saying so? Hmm.

The other big news is the return of Gary Cole’s Kurt McVeigh, being as irresistibly Kurt McVeigh as he can possibly be, and winning back Diane at last, even if it only takes a carjacking, an act of heroism and a short hospital stay to do it. I love Diane, I love Kurt, and I love Diane and Kurt together, so hurrah for that. Just don’t mess it up again, dude, FGS.

And that – give or take a bit of jealousy on Barbara’s part which might well cause trouble for Diane later – is pretty much it for a great first season. It took me a little while to warm to it, but once I was in, I was in deep. Following the TGW house style in wit, intelligence, legal quirks, thought-provoking interest in technology and general awesomeness (before it lost its way) as well as a gallery of fantastic familiar characters and fantastic new ones, TGF has performed the impossible trick of giving us not just a worthy follow-up to one of the best tv shows ever made but a genuinely terrific one in its own right. Like its parent show, it’s not without its flaws (Maia, Lucca’s love life, Maia) but it’s also smart and thoughtful, and its cast, both regular and recurring, is to die for. I can’t mention everyone, but my gosh, Delroy Lindo’s Adrian is magnificent. Sarah Steele’s Marissa makes everything better, and her partnership with Nyambi Nyambi’s Jay is tremendous fun. Cush Jumbo is excellent as Lucca, even if Lucca is the new Kalinda. And, at the heart of it all, Christine Baranski’s Diane is, of course, peerless. As Jed has pointed out, there are some narrative drawbacks to a season as short as this one, but one advantage is that it leaves this viewer, at least, wanting more, and thankfully we’re getting it. Bring on season 2.

One thought on “The Good Fight s1 ep 10

  1. Jed Bartlet June 8, 2017 / 4:11 pm

    I thought this was tremendous. TGF has inherited the same trick as TGW of knowing how and when to drop recurring characters into the narrative: the return of “Milo” was a masterstroke. I thought the plot about the Ponzi scheme was generally well-handled, and never allowed to get too unwieldy or in the way of the Cases of the Week.

    Overall, a great show and I’m delighted that it’s been renewed. As you say the cast is excellent, and I’m also entirely on board with the friendship between Marissa and Jay. I’d be prepared to ship them. (And Maia/Lucca if invited to.)

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