Public Service Announcement 19 of 2017: Cardinal, Shots Fired

After Unpopcult fell in love with Private Eyes – which we’re promised is returning in the UK this summer, Shangie fans – we’ve been on the lookout for another Canadian drama to try. Mind you, it should be said that Cardinal, which starts this weekend, is probably at the other end of the crimefighting spectrum. In fact, superficially at least it looks like Canadian TV’s attempt to replicate the Scandi-noir model: dysfunctional detective with Secret Pain, frozen landscapes, murdered girls. On top of that, the lead role of John Cardinal is played by Billy Campbell, who was in the American remake of The Killing. He’s paired up with the luminous Karine Vanasse as new recruit Lise Delorme. Cardinal is being shown in those stupid double bills, although as each episode is about 40-45 minutes long that’s not necessarily disastrous. We’ll be reviewing the first two episodes at least (Saturday 3 June, BBC 4, 9pm).

Also starting: Shots Fired, a ten-episode drama about racially-charged killings in North Carolina. It was reasonably well-received by the American critics, but won’t be back for a second season. Might be worth a look (Sunday 4 June, FOX (UK), 9pm).


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