The Blacklist s4 ep 16

Aram is in the shower with his new squeeze Janet, who is in fact Elise, the pretend girlfriend from a few weeks ago…? Oh well; I’d probably forgive her too, if I’m being honest. Anyway, sexytimes are interrupted when Aram is abducted by this week’s Blacklister, one Dembe Zuma. This is potentially problematic, because we know Dembe poisoned Red, but no; Dembe convincingly explains that he didn’t do it, and wants Aram to help him prove his innocence. Meantime Janet reports the theft of her boyfriend to the Task Force and to Samar’s predictable, if misplaced, fury. Janet coolly wonders whether they should “talk about the fact that we’re both into the same guy”. Hee. It’s about time someone called Samar on her bullshit.

While the Task Force tries to find Aram, Red looks for Dembe. This includes a visit to his DMV ally Glen, who is always good value, this week observing that having a “big black guy waiting on you hand and foot” is a little bit “Edgar Rice Burroughs”. It also involves the Sanctum Corporation, an “Underground Railroad for miscreants”, according to Red, which relocates criminals who want to disappear. And Dr Sofia Gallup, a therapist who covers her fire-scarred upper torso in bees. And Kathryn Nemec, a name Red immediately recognises. And that weird hunter dude who took Mr. Kaplan in after Red managed not to kill her.

Alll of which illustrates that this was a terrific episode in which, if anything, you could argue that there was a little too much going on: Dr Gallup, for example, was played by Paola Turbay, a proper actor, and could really have had an episode dedicated to her as a stand-alone Blacklister, as could the Sanctum Corporation. And Samar is now so insufferable that it’s not really tolerable any more. By the end, though, Red knows that Mr. Kaplan is alive and that it is she who orchestrated the attempt on his life, which presumably sets the scene for an emotional end-of-season showdown in a few weeks.


One thought on “The Blacklist s4 ep 16

  1. CJ Cregg June 1, 2017 / 5:36 pm

    This was fine because I like Dembe and Aram a lot more than everyone else, but I’m so over the show in general that it kind of washed over me. Except the bee thing – that was gross. And Samar is basically this show’s Roman. She needs to GO.

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