Twin Peaks (2017) eps 1 and 2

Experimental is all very well. Weird is not necessarily a bad thing. And disturbing can absolutely be commendable in the right context. But incomprehensible, mannered, flitting from deeply unpleasant to dull, and very, very long? Not so much. I don’t know what on earth this was, but the only part of it I liked was the last segment in the Bang Bang Bar, and sitting through nearly two hours-worth of beautifully-shot yet deliberately ugly, defiantly impenetrable tv more focussed on shock and style than storytelling is a high price to pay for the few minutes I actually enjoyed. I know this will sound narrow-minded and naive, given this is the legendary David Lynch we’re talking about and he’s hardly known for easy, straightforward viewing, but I really hope episodes 3 and 4 are a bit more accessible, or I might not make it to episodes 5 and 6.


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