Hawaii Five-0 s7 ep 21

A couple of sailors on a vessel in distress in a storm manage to board a ship, but discover that the crew are all dead. Five-0 investigates, and – one or two evidential leaps later – discovers that our old Yakuza friend Michelle Shioma was the likely perpetrator, and that she’s most likely on the island of Lanai. So Steve, Danny, Kono, and Chin head over to Lanai, where they’re captured within a matter of minutes. Obviously Steve knows more about stealth raids than I do, but if I were going to try and sneak onto an underpopulated island I’d probably not do it in a low-flying helicopter, no matter how many, uh, “klicks” away from the baddies I was on landing.

Anyway, Steve’s captors – drug dealers or something, it doesn’t really matter – tell him that Shioma is dead, and throw the Five-0 in a cage. Cue escape attempts. And Jerry, back on Oahu, is worried because he’s lost touch with the team, but has been told not to tell anyone about the mission, as Steve suspects that there’s a Yakuza mole somewhere in HPD.

Meantime, Grover and his son are back home in Chicago, so that he can give evidence. However, he discovers that the rank and file cops haven’t forgiven him for the way in which he treated Clay Maxwell, and Lou’s protestations that Clay definitely stole drug money, might well have killed his wife, and probably sent people to kill Lou and his family, all fall on deaf ears. Chi McBride, as I’ve said before, is good at nailing these more emotional storylines.

Anyway, Michelle Shioma isn’t dead, Steve fashions an escape, and Jerry sends Duke and the HPD in to save the day, in return for which Steve gives him a Five-0 badge. Shioma ends up in custody, whence I suspect someone will try to spring her before the end of the season. A good episode.

This episode was brought to you by: the Hilton Chicago, giving the Hawaiian Village a bit of a break.


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