Blindspot s2 ep 21


The penultimate episode of the season doesn’t get off to the best of starts. Jane, having just about managed to stop Roman from killing her with a kitchen knife – no thanks to the security detail who wait till after the fight’s over to rush in – is still trying to blame anyone but him (FFS, Girlfriend!) while Ranty McWhingerson, er, rants and mcwhinges, adding a large serving of self-righteousness to his usual mix of self-pity and complaint. My. God. Why is he not dead already?

Happily, Director Pellington has had enough of this asshat and Jane’s excuses for him as well. “Your brother stopped being useful the second he tried to kill you,” he points out, so “Roman… will be in a black site by the end of the day!” Which is a terrific idea except that, before anyone can even organise a taxi, all hell breaks loose – Jane and Weller suddenly realise, too late, that Sandstorm are “about to take down the New York office of the FBI” and suddenly it’s ON.

Never mind Roman, then, and never mind Reade’s transfer that won’t happen, or where Rhonda Rousey finally ends up (after all that, is her plane still circling?), this very quickly turns into an absolute stormer of an episode. Shocking, thrilling, high-stakes stuff with the entire team – even Dylan Baker’s Pellington, who stunned me by NOT being evil and would have stunned me for another reason had I not been spoiled for it – at their very best in the face of overwhelming odds. Patterson is even more awesome at saving the planet than usual, Zapata and Reade are unusually great together, and Weller and Jane are not only ace but (now they’ve got Roman temporarily out of their hair) finally get to kiss again. Yes. KISS AGAIN. SQUEEEEEEE!

Not that it lasts very long – this time it’s the Secret Service who rudely interrupt the moment I’ve been waiting for since FOREVER (thanks for that guys), carting Weller off to some sort of bunker full of other upstanding folk we’ve seen in previous episodes, none of whose names I remember. Apart from that Keaton guy, although he’s not exactly upstanding. This is something of a Eureka moment for our Kurt, though, as suddenly the entire story – the tats, the COGS, Phase 2 – is crystal clear to him. I wish I could say the same, but it doesn’t really matter at all. This was tremendous.


3 thoughts on “Blindspot s2 ep 21

  1. Jed Bartlet May 25, 2017 / 9:29 pm

    I agree entirely. I was delighted when Wellington decided to send the psychopathic Roman to a black site, with Jane protesting “He wasn’t trying to kill me!” Dude. We saw it. And it just got better from there. Great episode.

    “This is something of a Eureka moment for our Kurt, though, as suddenly the entire story – the tats, the COGS, Phase 2 – is crystal clear to him. I wish I could say the same…”

    Pleased it wasn’t just me. It was clearly a revelatory experience for Kurt, but I’d forgotten all of those other people, and I have no idea what it all meant…? With any luck the previouslies will make it clear in the next episode, and I can pretend I understood it all along.

    • CJ Cregg May 27, 2017 / 7:38 pm

      I’m hoping we don’t really need to understand it. All I really want from the next ep is more Jeller, more awesomeness from Patterson and somebody to kill Roman. That’s the trifecta.

  2. Kay20 November 27, 2017 / 5:27 am

    Best episode of the season. High stakes and the team back to being, a team.

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