Hawaii Five-0 s7 ep 20

In the Case of the Week, returning veteran PI Harry Brown is carrying out surveillance on a woman named Celine, on the instructions of her husband Tom, a wealthy older man, who suspects his wife of infidelity. While Harry is watching, though, Celine is abducted and bundled into a car. The usual demands ensue – money, don’t tell the cops, etc. – but Harry involves the Five-0. Unfortunately Tom declines to pay the ransom, so the same gang abduct Tom’s mistress Natasha, then when they’re all tracked down to a nearby house the kidnappers push Celine out of the front door wearing a remotely-detonatable bomb vest, thus ensuring that they can escape with Natasha. Which means that Celine is dispensable both to her husband and her abductors, which is kind of a kick in the teeth if you think about it.

Anyway, this time Tom is prepared to pony up, and the kidnappers – credit where due – come up with a pretty cool mechanism for delivering the ransom money. That having been said I’d surmise that the majority of kidnappings in TV procedurals are inside jobs, so it’s really just a matter of guessing who – husband, wife, mistress – has been behind it all along. Harry works it out before the Five-0, with the benefit of just a little retconning.

Danny’s present this week, but distracted throughout: his ex-wife is divorcing Stan, who thinks that she’s still in love with Danny. And Danny, on the face of it, has feelings for her. But he also has a girlfriend, of course. Ruh-roh. A thoroughly enjoyable episode, with Harry kibitzing during the Steve/Danny exchanges, and adding a bit of spice while doing so.

This episode was brought to you by: Kona Big Wave Ale, the choice of kidnappers.


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