Spin (Les Hommes de l’ombre) s3 ep 5


It looks like the worst may be behind us as, with just one ep to go, Spin seems to have moved from truly awful to merely comme ci comme ça.

Focussing on les femmes, first – Appolline has a busy time of it this week, being rescued by French commandos, returning to the enthusiastic (the face-stroking is back!) embrace of Simon and his Petite Princesse, and filling French intelligence – no stopping them now Palissy’s “had to resign for medical reasons” – in on Jennifer/Ayesha’s activities. Jennifer/Ayesha herself is running around Paris up to no good, and not best pleased to hear that her charge is at large. Clemence Parodi is apparently so overwhelmed with love for Le Prés (come on) that she has to return to Paris to check out his soft furnishings (not a euphemism), argue with his wife and kiss him in front of windows some more, because nobody in this show ever learns ANYTHING. And despite Ludo’s misgivings – “it’s not the classiest” approach, he points out, and you know you have un problème when Ludo thinks something’s not classy – Anne-Marie goes full Alexis Carrington and outs Deleuvre by text message at some kind of right-wing Primary candidates’ assembly, which is horrible, sad and, given how nonchalant she is while doing it, slightly bizarre. In terms of both nonchalance and bizarreness, however, that scene has nothing on the subsequent one where Deleuvre walks up to La Carrere in the street, and slaps her across the visage, while Ludo just stands there looking non-plussed. I didn’t expect him to break out the judo moves, but not even an “Annie, are you ok?” Ludo? Vraiment?

Apart from Ludo, though, whom I expect just wants this to be over as much as I do, it’s all systems go for the rest of les hommes. Le Prés has a bone-achingly tiresome confrontation with his dreadful wife, having her dragged in by the Secret Service so he can ask her for a divorce then yelling at her because she agrees to it. (FFS, man, if you wanted the divorce to be in a couple of months, you should have waited a couple of months to ask her for it. Idiote.) Ban-Kapita Moon intervenes to secure peace in the Élysée once again, and possibly peace across the world with Marianne Joly the quid pro quo for the brief extension to the Marjorie marriage. Because somebody remembered this show is supposed to be about politics rather than the world’s least compelling marital woes, Marjorie and Simon then decide to distract from his love triangle problem, his third Prime Minister in three weeks problem *and* his trailing-in-the-polls-might-not-make-it-through-the-Primaries-problem by launching a referendum on massive constitutional change because that type of gamble always goes swimmingly for folk, n’est-ce pas? And, having been told not to pass go and certainly not to collect €200 on his way out of both his jobs, Palissy tries to shore up his alliance with Beaugendre who’s about as interested in that idea as I am. *Shrugs* You know I’m just here out of contrariness now. One to go!


2 thoughts on “Spin (Les Hommes de l’ombre) s3 ep 5

  1. Jed Bartlet May 27, 2017 / 5:47 pm

    Ludo couldn’t be less interested in Anne-Marie, could he? He’s scarcely trying to hide it. But I’m not convinced about any of the personal relationships in this show, which might be deliberate, I suppose. I’m not detecting any chemistry at all between Marjorie and Clémence, Ludo and Anne-Marie, or Deleuvre and… whatever his nom is. In fact, of all of them the one where I can actually believe there might, at one point, have been some genuine affection is the relationship between Marjorie and his wife.

    Otherwise, I thought the political side was quite strong this week.

    • CJ Cregg May 27, 2017 / 7:23 pm

      I….. don’t think it’s deliberate. I agree with you on the relationships – they’re all so flat and spark-free, I’m not even tempted to ship anybody. What has this show DONE to me?

      PS – I thought the political stuff was ok in theory, had it been spread over several episodes, but way too abrupt for just the one. The referendum in particular was very out-of-the-blue, just like the last time Marjorie decided he’d just try and effect massive constitutional change real quick with the proportional representation bill or whatever it was.

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