Blindspot s2 ep 20


Oh, FFS. Everybody was clearly having too much fun without him last week and Miseryguts McPersonalitybypass – or, as some people like to call him, “Roman” – couldn’t be having that. So back he is to demand that Jane, now that she and Weller are smiling at each other again, stop THAT immediately and ruin things with the man once more. Which Jane duly does, either because this ship is a magnet for storms and icebergs, or because the writers hate me.

Either way, at her appalling brother’s insistence, Jane tells Kurt about Emma Shaw, and Jeller grinds to a halt yet again. Sigh. I suppose at least the temporary resumption of hostilities means Weller gets to attack Roman with a dumbbell (TEAM WELLER) as opposed to making him Thai chicken, so there’s a silver lining of sorts, even if our hothead hero calms down to some degree by the end of the ep. Unlike Mr Totally-Not-a-Murdering-Psychopath-Anymore-No, who… Well, that would be telling but, once Kurt finds out, I’d say Roman’s chances of making it to the newly-announced season 3 a live man let alone a free one are looking considerably more slim.

But you don’t hire Ronda Rousey for a guest spot and waste your entire episode on a guy with a frown for a face. The main plot of the week, then, has Zapata in jail with Ronda to get close to her Sandstorm boyfriend, soon followed by Zapata out of jail with Ronda and getting close to her Sandstorm boyfriend’s fists and bomb collection. As you’d expect, most of the story’s built around women fighting each other – a lot of it – and since Blindspot has a decent track record in that area anyway, nobody appears to, er, pull any punches. The action is solid, well-choreographed and exciting, for the most part, although I’m finding Zapata’s sudden overwhelming need to go even more maverick than usual a bit odd. Of all the people on Team Tat with cause to take Sandstorm personally, Tasha seems waaaay down the list. Unlike Patterson, for instance, who is struggling so much with what Borden did that even Dr Sun – a character usually so cold that she could turn a hot dog into an ice lolly – is sympathetic. Too late to help poor Stuart, but sympathetic nonetheless. And probably right about Roman, but we’ll see about that next week.


3 thoughts on “Blindspot s2 ep 20

  1. Jed Bartlet May 16, 2017 / 11:50 pm

    I quite liked this. I agree that the latest obstacle to Jeller is hella annoying, but you could see that this one isn’t going to take weeks for Kurt to get out of his system. Particularly when he finds out that Jane has been attacked by Mr I’m-a-different-person-now, who ideally will die soon. Why would you want him in the show every week when you could have Rich Dotcom? Also agree that Zapata’s sudden and violent conversion to what we might call the Bauer method is remarkable, and remarkably free of motivation. A night in jail and suddenly she’s all about “enhanced methods”?

    Dr Sun has to be the least empathetic therapist in screen history. But if it means being pinned against a wall by Patterson, I’m totally working for someone else.

    • CJ Cregg May 27, 2017 / 11:15 pm

      “Why would you want him in the show every week when you could have Rich Dotcom?”


  2. Kay20 November 18, 2017 / 6:26 pm

    This is seriously my Root. I find Roman fascinating and not the Debbie downer. I think he plays the role Naz did for me – makes people question the structure and of course Jeller – which I still can’t get behind. (Sorry guys!)

    I am curious as to whether Roman will go bad or stick with the “good guys” who all seem to be falling apart with the exception of Reade who is finally pulling himself together. I liked the show better when the team wasn’t a thread away from losing it. Looks like Reade is going to go back to being the one shred of reason like in season 1.

    That said, this was suspenseful and I enjoyed it!

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