Person of Interest s5 ep 11

Fan service spoilers

Finch is off in San Antonio, Texas, digging out a computer virus which he hopes will bring Samaritan down, although there might be some “collateral damage” along the way, which given the high stakes in this show is unlikely to be minimal. He’s also processing his grief over the death of Root by talking to the Machine, which now has Root’s voice, and even at one point calls him “Harry”. So it’s basically Root, I ‘d say.

Back home, though, after watching Root being buried in an unmarked grave, Reese and Fusco have a Number, and it’s a biggie: the President of the United States of America himself, who has been targeted by an activist group opposed to his surveillance programme. To Washington, D.C., then, where they have to protect POTUS at a charity event, which Shaw attends as an improbable Congressman’s wife. Then the activist group goes after him with a drone. I always like a drone in a procedural.

Neither attack succeeds, although after the fact it becomes clear to Team Machine that they’ve had an assist that they weren’t aware of, and – in a dazzling piece of fan service – it came from the Washington, D.C., branch of Team Machine, consisting of some returning guest stars: there’s tech billionaire Logan Pierce, season 4’s delightfully ambiguous Harper Rose, and season 1 deep cut Joey Durban. Which answers a couple of long-standing questions – are there other people getting Numbers, and what if the Number isn’t in New York – while still leaving open the possibility that there might be yet more Team Machine franchises.

The episode itself, therefore, as well as being great fun, is something of a lap of honour for Person of Interest, and a bit of a pause for breath before the final two episodes. We’re given a clue to what might be coming by Shaw’s realisation that Samaritan doesn’t think it worthwhile to intervene to save the President.


2 thoughts on “Person of Interest s5 ep 11

  1. Tim May 15, 2017 / 3:29 pm

    So much to love about this episode, with Root’s death permeating the entire story without taking it over. I suppose PotUS would qualify as the ultimate number.

    I did also wonder whether Team Machine: DC, as well as being a fabulous piece of fan service, was maybe a way of leaving the door open just a crack for the possibility of an NCIS/CSI-style spin-off show. But it matters not either way – it was just fun and it makes complete sense that the Machine would have expanded her horizons beyond simply NYC.

    • Jed Bartlet May 15, 2017 / 6:29 pm

      Interesting idea. Person of Interest: Chicago. Could work! (Although it may be that the finale puts the tin lid on it.)

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