Blindspot s2 ep 19


Blindspot has been trying my patience a little recently; it’s been so bogged down with characters’ angst and whinging that I’ve been wondering if cancellation (which isn’t looking likely) might be such a bad thing after all. But now look what’s happened – the first episode in weeks without Rowan dragging the story down like a ten-ton weight and Kalinda playing gooseberry, and all of a sudden Blindspot is fun again!

It’s crucial, of course, that the Tattoo of the Week story is a cheerfully ridiculous, enjoyably outlandish one about a hacker scavenger hunt, with Jane, Weller and a bunch of folk in silly outfits competing to take over a not-even-thinly-disguised Wikileaks-style website. Although it’s not Rich Dotcom levels of hilariousness (how can it be?), it’s lighthearted and funny, replacing the whining of the past couple of weeks with jokes, you guys. Jokes!

Even the Sandstorm side of things is streamlined. It’s still not exactly chipper but it’s leaner and wittier than usual, with the juxtaposition of Shepherd’s demented odyssey across Bangkok with Weller’s quietly disappointed “that’s pretty anti-climactic” displaying a lightness of touch and humour that’s been almost entirely absent from Shepherd’s scenes in the past.

Which is not to say that the episode is entirely angst-free. Tasha is obviously in big trouble and although Reade has massively improved (his scene with Kurt is quite sweet), he’s still struggling to claw his way back to fitness for duty, with Dr Sun – always in favour of the most extreme solution to everything – immediately advising him to consider chucking it in, before even really bothering with counselling or treatment.

But for all that, every plot strand is at least moving now, with the show feeling like it’s broken out of a rut and started sprinting towards the (season) finish line. That’s every plot strand including the Jeller OTP, by the way – I know you saw that almost-kiss, you guys. The Kurt and Jane of mid-season would have got all agitated and upset about it, but this pair smiled. SMILED! Hurrah for that. And squee!


2 thoughts on “Blindspot s2 ep 19

  1. Jed Bartlet May 10, 2017 / 1:48 pm

    Yes, this was great. The throwaway “That’s pretty anticlimactic…” set the tone nicely, and I also loved Patterson’s impersonation of Weller, which – unless I’m imagining it – had a definite hint of Aussie in it.

    The scavenger hunt was demented but brilliant. I hope we get to see Jewel Staite again. And some nice, unforced #Jeller action. Good times.

  2. Kay20 November 8, 2017 / 7:00 am


    I actually laughed out loud in several moments: a) Patterson’s impersonation was awesome, b) Weller knowing he’s a curmudgeon was awesome, c) the antic-climactic comment, d) “I’m good at puzzles.”

    And I forgot that it was Firefly lady! I was thinking, where do I know her from!?!?! (I’m a Buffy fan over Firefly).

    So much goodness after weeks of drama with no jokes. And with the addition of Ennis to the recurring cast in season 3, looks like the show finally realized being dour all the time isn’t great.

    Jeller. Boo. (I still don’t get it).

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