The Good Fight s1 ep 5

Ok, so now Kresteva’s definitely on the wrong side of annoying. But since the quid pro for that is the return of everybody’s favourite TGW eccentric REDACTED and since she’s on joyous, hilarious form and I’m delighted to see her kicking his ass, I don’t mind too much. Especially given how tremendous the case of the week is, covering as it does the “epidemic of Chicago shows,” the very real pressure being brought to bear on media outlets and First Amendment freedoms in general by the current incumbent of the White House and his cronies, and this.

Not that the fun ends there, either. Throw in the return of Gary Cole’s Kurt McVeigh (whom neither Diane nor I can resist); Diane herself getting her mojo back (if it was ever gone); Lucca getting a little sugar of her own; and all the usual awesomeness too, and we have another wildly entertaining, wonderful episode of The Good Fight. If I had to come up with a quibble, I’d say that what I assume is the running gag where any question about how or what Alicia’s doing is met with some sort of deflection or change of subject may pall in due course, but it’s early days yet and Adrian’s face when Ada interrupts this week is priceless so we’ll worry about running gags another time. TGW may have fallen off its game by the end but, right now, TGF is at the top of it.


4 thoughts on “The Good Fight s1 ep 5

  1. Jed Bartlet May 2, 2017 / 9:07 pm

    What a great episode. Wonderful Case of the Week, which essentially amounts to CBS calling NBC out for spinelessness. (Particularly given that Gary Cole played “Trump” in the episode that NBC killed.) Fantastic guest judge as well. I don’t think we saw him in TGW?

    Elsbeth could be too much for the Good universe, but continues to be awesome. Partly, of course, because Carrie Preston is terrific, but partly because it remains very difficult to work out how much of what Elsbeth is doing is artifice. Just when you think she’s making it up as she goes along, she does something like leave her business card on Kresteva’s desk, which is pretty ballsy.

    I was getting a bit fed up with Lucca and Colin relentlessly negging each other as a sort of courtship, but that seems to have stopped. Anyway, Lucca doesn’t get hurt by boys. And, as you say, Diane is very much back.

    And I continue to love Marissa very much, but you know that.

    • CJ Cregg May 2, 2017 / 10:13 pm

      I didn’t recognise the judge either, but yeah he was awesome.

      I’d forgotten Lucca’s “I don’t have a friend…. I’m scared to get hurt” thing. It didn’t really ring true with me, tbh. Unless there’s some sort of Secret Pain she’s carrying, I suppose. Having said that, I wasn’t overly keen on Colin when we first met him , but am FULLY on board now. #TeamCocca/Lulin

  2. Jed Bartlet May 2, 2017 / 10:06 pm

    Do we, uh, need to talk about Matthew Perry?

    • CJ Cregg May 2, 2017 / 10:08 pm

      I think we maybe just need to wish him well.

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