Hawaii Five-0 s7 ep 17

Dr Madison Gray, the serial killing Knight Stalker from the first four episodes of this season, who we last saw on the run in California, is back. She walks into HPD claiming to be Lauren Parker, a tourist from Wisconsin, with blood on her hands but no memory of the last 24 hours. There’s evidence to back up her claim that she’s been living under that name, and she manages to convince a psychiatrist that she has a personality disorder, even though she obviously doesn’t.

Then the blood on her hands is analysed, and appears to be a DNA match for that of retired profiler Alicia Brown, her adversary last time round. But Alicia seems to be fine; in fact, Gray accuses Alicia of attacking her, and is able to back that up that with details of an injury on Alicia’s arm. So what’s going on? What’s Gray’s game? Why voluntarily walk back into custody? Is she maybe just… bored?

Meantime, in one of the episode’s dafter interludes, Steve discovers that Edward Sears, the prime suspect in the disappearance of Alicia’s daughter – another serial killer – is in prison in Wisconsin, where Gray has been visiting him. So Steve goes to see Sears in his Silence of the Lambs-esque prison accommodation, but totally forgets the rules of that film. Thus when Sears asks for a pen and paper to write down the name of the person responsible for killing Alicia’s daughter, Steve totally puts both into the drawer thingy. It doesn’t end well, needless to say, as Sears sticks the pen into his own neck and bleeds to death. Oh, Steve. Strangely, he seems to walk away from Wisconsin without a word of criticism for giving a high-profile lifer the means to kill himself.

But Gray does indeed have a plan, and it involves successfully manipulating the hapless Alicia, whose skills as a profiler don’t seem to extend to knowing when a sociopath is toying with her. It’s a reasonably good episode, and I have to admit that Gray gets under my skin, so I’d quite like her to have survived the REDACTED we heard at the end of the episode. Mind you, in an ideal world Alicia would survive as well, as there still seems to be just a little unresolved sexual tension between her and Steve.

“Oh, FFS!” Watch: Max Weinberg opening Flippa’s shrimp truck. A plot development which reads like a random collection of words.


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