Public Service Announcement 15 of 2017: Nashville

Every year I welcome the new season of Nashville, while noting with caution that the advance word from America – we’re normally some way behind in the UK – isn’t great. And every year I watch it, review it, and (mostly) adore it. In short, I’m long past the point of pretending that I’m anything other than hopelessly in love with Nashville. This time round the circumstances are a little unusual, though: the show was cancelled by ABC at the end of its fourth season, then picked up by CMT, a Viacom-owned country music channel. (And CMT has just renewed it for a sixth season, so it can’t be doing too badly for them.) I’ve not managed to avoid spoilers quite as successfully as I would have liked, so I’m sort of aware that Something Happens during this run. But you won’t be reading about that on here until it does. Weekly reviews as ever (Friday, 9pm, Sky Living).


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