The Good Fight s1 ep 4

This week on The Good Fight, Diane and Lucca went to bat for a client trying to recover her long-lost eggs; Mike Kresteva returned to wind everyone right up; and perpetual victim Maia was the subject of a particularly nasty, virulent strain of social media harrassment. All of which added up to a terrific episode, and a wildly entertaining one at that.

As far as the case of the week goes, I don’t know whether they were entirely correct on the law throughout and the shady director of the fertility practice got off way too easily, but overall, the story was intriguingly complicated, sensitively-handled, and leavened with a great deal of humour, as the best ones are; the judge – “Oh God, I HATE this.” Hee! – was a grumpy delight; and the gradual but unmistakable thawing of Barbara’s relationship with Diane genuinely heartening to see.

The Mike Kresteva side of things was slightly trickier to pull off, since he can be very funny, but also very annoying, and a couple of years ago I would have been saying “there’s no way someone in politics can lie so often and so brazenly, and keep getting away with it.” Real life over the past year has taught us I was wildly wrong about that, though, and the writers did keep the Kresteva story just the right side of infuriating, this week, at any rate – his scene in Diane’s office was great fun, even if the Grand Jury business seemed a tad unlikely (for now). Still, it tied in beautifully with Maia’s story and one of the main themes of the week (and of 21st century life) – the abuse of the Internet and social media to create fake news and destroy people with it. Maia’s ex-boyfriend is obviously a reptile, and what he did unconscionable, but it’s notable that, yet again, Maia was entirely dependent on the rest of the cast to fix her problem for her – a problem that she didn’t even know she had, in fact, till, yes, somebody else explained it to her. But no matter. It was an absolute joy seeing Marissa, Jay and Ayesha help her give the ex what was coming to him, and as for the awesome Adrian channelling Will Gardner and stepping in during the confrontation by the lifts – well. I love love love this show now, and that single scene was the highlight of my week.


2 thoughts on “The Good Fight s1 ep 4

  1. Bill April 23, 2017 / 8:34 pm

    Looks like this show is gathering pace, I love how American shows always have an investigation whiteboard with head shots of the main players. Will be interesting to see if they go back to that board in future episodes.

    I liked the fake news storyline, though I am not sure I followed 100% how fake news is ultimately generated. I enyed the interaction Maia had with the other characters, especially Marisa, who is fast becoming a favourite of mine. I am aware though that I liked Kalinda too in the beginning.

  2. Jed Bartlet April 27, 2017 / 8:45 pm

    Oh yes, this was excellent. Great Case of the Week, reasonably on-point social media stuff, and Adrian is a #bawse. I’m not sure that the Kresteva arc stayed the right side of infuriating, mind you.

    And can I ship Maia and Marissa? I don’t recall much being said about Marissa’s sexuality in TGW – maybe some mention of a guy, or I might be imagining that? – so if the writers want to go there I am SO ON BOARD with #Maria.

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