The Good Fight s1 ep 3

Okay, it’s taken a couple of episodes but I’m now fully on board with The Good Fight.

This week’s compassionate, intelligent and still witty episode combined a complex, tragic case involving a doctor operating on patients in Syria via Skype, a joyously funny sub-plot with Adrian and Barbara having to out REDACTED as a Trump voter, and Marissa teaming up with both the wary office investigator and the wearing Maia (sorry, Jed) to remind us once again how much better she is at everyone else’s jobs than they are. Hurrah!

In terms of minor quibbles, I’m struggling to care about the ongoing “Who’s the real brains behind the Ponzi scheme?” story arc – as far as I’m concerned, every one of the suspects can pretty much go and raffle themselves – but I can live with it in return for all the other excellent stuff the show is serving up, especially if it involves Adrian who, I say again, is the BEST. I thought this episode was great.


One thought on “The Good Fight s1 ep 3

  1. Jed Bartlet April 20, 2017 / 5:32 pm

    I agree – I’ve enjoyed this show until now, but this was the first episode to have the whiff of proper Good Wife greatness. The Case of the Week was strong, with legal/ethical dilemmas, no obvious answer, and a judge taking it seriously. The relationship between Diane and Lucca – rivalrous to start with, then supportive – was well written and acted. Barbara is great. Marissa is awesome. And I’m delighted to see that the “real” investigator is played by Nyambi Nyambi, an actor I really liked in Mike & Molly.

    As for the Ponzi scheme plot: I’m not that interested for now, but I… could… be…? And it’s hardly taking up too much screen time.

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