Homeland s6 ep 11

Now that Quinn has found Sekou’s original van, providing evidence that he was framed, Carrie wants to call it in to the Solicitor General. Quinn doesn’t, though, because he wants to offer some extra-judicial justice to the guy who shot Astrid. “You owe me!” Quinn shouts at Carrie. “Because you made me this way!” He does have a point, in fairness. So when he tells Carrie that he’s going out, following the men from the house when they leave, Carrie takes the opportunity to have a look round for herself. It’s entirely possible, given what then happens, that Quinn was getting Carrie to repay her debt by using her as bait: Astrid’s killer is still in the house, and he’s about to strangle Carrie, but Quinn comes bursting in, shoots the man, then batters him to death, of which we are not spared the details. Still, he deserved it.

Meantime, Saul is once again trusted by President-elect Keane, and takes the opportunity to show her the evidence that Dar Adal is linked to alt-right wing nut O’Keeffe. Keane is invited onto O’Keeffe’s talk show, and her advisers are inclined to tell her not to go. Saul, however, knows what’s going on, and although he’s as much of a practitioner of two-fisted realpolitik as anyone on the show he has never quite lost sight of the moral dimension of what he does: he observes that there’s a disinformation campaign, and there are protestors with “boots on the ground”. This is the sort of thing the US does in other countries to delegitimise governments, and “it does not end well”, he notes drily, “for the elected regime”. I’m more than ever convinced that the Homeland writers were expecting a Clinton victory and a subsequent right-wing campaign to destabilise her, similar to the one before the election which (successfully) made such a big deal out of a bit of ill-advised email handling. Anyway, PEOTUS goes on O’Keeffe’s show, and does a reasonably good job, but what can you say to these people? In real life, I mean, as well as on Homeland. Seriously?

Max is still being held at O”Keeffe’s alt-right fake news factory, and thinks he’s escaped, but he’s recaptured and taken to meet Dar, whose motives are now becoming opaque again: Dar caught sight of O’Keeffe’s next project, something about Quinn, and Max digs around until he finds it. It’s a blog, purportedly written by Quinn, in which he’s set up as an anti-Keane fanatic. This ties in with what Quinn – now offered immunity for using the terrorist as a punchbag – and Carrie have found at the house, where it looks as if an attack on the East Coast is planned. Putting two and two together, I’m guessing that Keane is to be assassinated with Quinn as patsy. But as Carrie tries to call Keane’s chief of staff – the underused Hill Harper –  to warn him, the house blows up. Quinn survives, mind you, and given what he’s already been through I think we can now peg him as being essentially immortal. It’s another excellent episode, although it depressed the hell out of me.


One thought on “Homeland s6 ep 11

  1. Snoskred April 16, 2017 / 12:19 am

    I loved the scene with the two of them inside the house trying to work out what was written on the whiteboard. But yeah, this was not the most cheerful of episodes. 🙂

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