Designated Survivor s1 ep 15


This week on Designated Survivor, Team PJB – presumably stung by President Moss’s suggestion last week that their Administration isn’t so much governing as freaking out – decides to get back to the business of running the country, and do some cutesy re-start the clock nonsense to roll out the President’s agenda for the next/ “first”100 days. This requires yet another Presidential Press Briefing – dude loves a briefing – and a “Town Hall,” giving PJB the chance to speak earnestly and well, and a cheeky Seth to ask him what he thinks about pornography, and prompting me to wonder why Seth isn’t chief of staff instead of Emily, because Seth is smart and funny, you guys, and Emily is wearing a tank top (aka a sweater-vest). Her judgement is clearly suspect.

Of course, no discussion on US politics – fictional or otherwise – is complete without gun control popping up, and neither should it be. So when the First Lady – who, despite all that palaver a couple of weeks ago, has moved to Camp David in the same way that I have moved to Camp David, which is NOT AT ALL – answers a question about it in a sane and compassionate manner, everyone loses their minds. There follows some walking back, some political manoeuvring and a nice big Bauer hug, all of which are fine, but I don’t watch this joyously crazy, fun show for the serious issues, you guys – give me your ships, your assassins, your labyrinthine conspiracies which make no sense whatsoever, and I’m in clover.

And as far as the assassins and conspiracy count goes, we’re cooking with gas. (Just like Chuck’s apartment. Ba-dum-tish!) Reed Diamond seems to have a week off – or maybe he’s still standing frowning at QHQ behind last week’s two-way mirror, I don’t know his life – so Agent Q drags the other two law enforcement men in her life back into the search for Janice from Stalker (who might now have a real name and a back story, but she’s always a Janice to me) instead. Uh-oh…

Even the lovelorn Chuck can see when he’s being taken advantage of by the co-worker who isn’t so much unaware of his crush on her as wilfully pretending it doesn’t exist, but he keeps it to himself, focussing instead on performing some sort of miracle of forensic science and oh yeah, not getting blown up. Good work, Chuck.

Having only just avoided, er, “cancellation” at Janice’s hands, however, the undeterred Agent Q decides to give it another go by taking the still grieving and understandably agitated Jason Atwood with her to Conspiracy Corp’s Washington offices, which is not a good plan both for people management reasons – probably shoulda waited for Reed Diamond – and for Janice is wise to all of it reasons as well. Goodbye Janice! Maybe someday someone in Conspiracy Corp will be caught and NOT shot in the same episode before they can tell us all about it.

While the assassins and conspiracies are going strong, though, the ships are in port and not even close to anchors aweigh. Agent Q’s mind is firmly on the job, Reed Diamond is on the subs bench and I think we all know Chuck’s chances of Qmance are about as strong as my chances of moving to space. Which leaves us with Emily and Aaron, who aren’t so much not getting on as not getting within a two-mile radius of each other, because… well, I don’t know but I don’t like it. Or, as I’m sure the writers are calling it, “character development” since we suddenly parachute in a whole lot of stuff about Aaron and his backstory which, if it was something the writers worked out in advance, could maybe have been spread out over a few episodes so it looked more organic, and if it wasn’t, could not have been more obvious about it.

Still, I love Aaron, so after the initial (disconcerting but by no means unwelcome) revelation that he has charmingly bouncy holiday hair, I was quite excited to hear him speaking Spanish and find out his cute small-town-boy-made-big history. His cousin, I’m much less interested in, but as a means to an end to getting him back into politics, this time at Kimble Hookstraten’s side, I can live with her.

Because Kimble’s a Republican and all, of course, Emily has to pretend not to be delighted by this, so the only scene she and Aaron do share involves her playing it decidedly cool. But no matter. Aaron’s new job has to mean he’ll be spending a lot more time right back in Emily’s face, and since we all know what that led to last time (before, y’know, the whole suspicion of treason thing), I am DOWN WITH THAT.


3 thoughts on “Designated Survivor s1 ep 15

  1. Jed Bartlet May 22, 2017 / 11:38 pm

    This was OK, I suppose, but I’m starting to get a little concerned about the way in which this show burns through its plot – and, more importantly, its characters. So that’s a goodbye to Janice, then? Which is a shame, because as you might recall my conclusion from Stalker is that Mariana Klaveno had something interesting about her and I’d be pleased to see her again, but she’s not really had a chance to do anything here. We’re running a little short of characters, you guys, and I’m not sure that Aaron’s random cousin is going to fill the gap.

    Pleased to see that Chuck is all about the #Channah as well, but it isn’t happening.

    I didn’t recognise curly-haired Aaron at first. Thought I’d missed an episode.

    • CJ Cregg May 27, 2017 / 11:22 pm

      Aaron’s random cousin really is the most random addition possible. Who’s next? Emily’s Uncle Albert?

  2. Kay20 June 8, 2017 / 12:49 pm

    I love #Channah!!!! And love that the writers see their nerdy chemistry! Now I know Qmance isn’t happening either, but a girl can dream.

    Other than that, this show laid on the schmaltz when it came to the President’s family this week. Everything is a little too hunky dory in those parts to be settled. Also, I missed Mike.

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