Scandal s6 ep 7

Huck is indulging in his usual form of romantic foreplay – vigorously tutoring Meg, Jennifer’s bestie, in self-defence – when he’s interrupted by Charlie and Quinn, panicking because Olivia’s missing. When Huck finds her, which takes seconds, she demands that he kill her father as a response to Rowan’s assassination of the President-elect. Finally, I thought; someone’s going to get rid of Command. But Rowan knows when he’s being followed by a sociopath with a gun, and manages to persuade Huck not to pull the trigger by telling him about the mysterious group from last week threatening Olivia’s life – even pointing out the orange-coated blonde woman who is in charge – and concluding that someone in Olivia’s inner circle is a mole. “There is”, bellows Rowan, “a traitor among us”.

Huck believes Rowan, but no-one believes Huck, so he sets to work finding the mole. But who? First of all he suspects Charlie and Quinn, which would make some sort of sense; as I’ve noted before, Charlie seems to have become part of OPA without much scrutiny at all. Then, though, Meg – finding the appropriate post-coital topic of conversation for someone like Huck – asks if she can meet Olivia, because of the latter’s well-known sympathy for those who need help, in the hope of finding Jennifer’s killer. Babe, Huck doesn’t reply, Olivia got out of that game around the start of the third season. But he’s so startled by Meg’s insistence on talking to Olivia that he begins to wonder if she might be playing him, a belief which is understandably reinforced when he follows her and sees her with the blonde woman putting the fear of God into Rowan.

And so, having visited his old friend Becky in prison, and confirmed with her that he’s gullible as hell, he decides that he is indeed being played by Meg, and threatens her with a syringe-full of some appalling liquid known to the sort of person who’s been part of B-613. But she tearfully insists that she loves him, and that she hasn’t been betraying him, so Huck is convinced and spares her the needle. Olivia then makes him apologise to Meg.

So poor Huck – at the end of an episode during which people keep telling him he’s wrong, wrong, wrong – takes Meg to see Jennifer, who of course isn’t dead, as Meg thought, but is alive and in hiding. Whereupon, almost inevitably, REDACTED shoots REDACTED, then REDACTED, while – and this was more of a surprise to me – it’s revealed that REDACTED is the mole, and has been in league with the blonde woman all along.

That blizzard of REDACTEDs should have alerted anyone trying to avoid spoilers. So, to unpack: Huck won’t be dead, because Meg could have killed him if she wanted. As for Abby: if her involvement means anything in respect of consistent plot development – which I know is moot – she was part of a plot to deliver the Oval to Mellie and, by extension, to Olivia. Which… maybe isn’t so far-fetched. Anyway, rather like last week, I thought this was thoroughly entertaining, and even though the twists at the end were cynically designed to elicit gasps from the audience, they worked for me.


2 thoughts on “Scandal s6 ep 7

  1. LeeSP April 11, 2017 / 6:05 pm

    This episode was entertaining but I wish the writers would do better. Olivia is so erratic now and jumps to conclusions with no investigating like she did in the past. She has seemed mentally fragile since the kidnapping.

    Also I still don’t understand Jake’s role on this show. He has had 11 million jobs/titles and he is rarely at work and pretty useless. The NSA director dresses like a B613 spy and is never in his office when his is a cabinet member for the President. Why was Jake protecting Jennifer and then left her with no bodyguard at the hotel?

    The upcoming episodes should be good if they bring closure to the election and this new organization and not go forward to season 7.

    I really want Olivia to go back to handling cases with her OPA team not focusing on the White House or more spy/secret powerful organization nonsense.

    • Jed Bartlet April 11, 2017 / 6:48 pm

      I’m guessing that in this season the writers are working around Kerry Washington’s pregnancy a little. But I totally agree – what we want is a return to OPA, cases, and “it’s handled”. As far as I know that’s what just about every Scandal fan wants. But there’s no sign that Shonda is going to let us have it.

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