Hawaii Five-0 s7 ep 13

Five thousand cops are descending on Oahu for the Honolulu Police Expo, so probably not a time to be standing anywhere near the top of a flight of stairs. In the Case of the Week, one of them is found dead in the rubble after a building is destroyed by an explosion. It turns out, though, that Officer Redshirt was stabbed after the building came down, because while helping in the aftermath of the explosion he interrupted someone who… well. It’s one of these weeks in which three or four plots act as diversions until we get to the actual point, which is a sort of combination of blackmail and revenge, with a dubious interpretation of attorney-client privilege thrown in for good measure. It’s busy enough – even Mozzie turns up – but it felt as if no-one in the writers’ room was really committed to it. And the explosion wasn’t connected to last week’s missing uranium, which remains at large, prowling the streets of Honolulu.

That might be because the real action of the week was the show’s farewell to Max Bergman (Masi Oka) and, while there were one or two flashbacks, plenty of mahalos, and a few ‘ohanas, I don’t think I’m quite as invested in the character of Max as I’m supposed to be. So even though just about anything makes me cry these days, I remained dry-eyed throughout. Still, the ending, where he spelled out what each member of the Five-0 has meant to him, was quite sweet; so mahalo, Max, and good luck to Noelani (Hawaii native Kimee Balmilero), your replacement.

This episode was brought to you by: where can I get a malasada?


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