24: Legacy s1 ep 6

Most of this episode proceeds in the same way as its predecessors: interesting, mildly diverting, but inessential. Amira and Khasan, now activated as Terror Cell #1 and planning a suicide bombing, are visited by Mr Harris, Amira’s teacher, who decides to make a gallant gesture by taking Amira away from all this terrorism: he shoots Khasan, but unfortunately Amira isn’t as hot for teacher as he thought, and stabs him. Before he dies Khasan extracts a promise from Amira to complete the mission, although their father has other ideas. Senator Donovan, meantime, has daddy issues of his own: Henry – wearing, it should be said, some interesting but unfathomable hi-tech handcuffs; how do these things work? – is still denying having anything to do with the leak. The Senator decides that he’ll need to withdraw from the Presidential race.

Meantime the CTU manages to extract enough information from Gabriel’s laptop to provide a location for Jihadi, Jr and his team. So – with Carter now riding shotgun – they head off. However, news of the shootout chez Gabriel has made it onto TV, so Jr. and his team fly the nest before the CTU can get there.

But then, 24: Legacy finally comes up with the sort of climax the show’s been needing. Amira’s father alerts the CTU, and her van is spotted on the George Washington Bridge. So the cop on site, clearly counting down the days until retirement, is contacted by Mulllins at CTU HQ and told to stop her. He fires some bullets into the van, and is asked to assess the situation. “I think she’s dead”, he replies, looking at the unmoving figure of Amira, and at that moment we know he’s doomed; that particular statement just isn’t worth anything in the world of 24. Sure enough, Amira has enough life left to detonate the bomb and blow up the bridge, killing around 100 people.

And, meantime, Jihadi, Jr. proves that he’s got some terrorist game: Carter had asked the CTU to pick Nicole up, but Jr.’s men intervene, shoot the CTU guys, and snatch Nicole and Isaac, which means that he can now use them as leverage to get Carter to provide details of the other terrorist cells on the USB drive, thus finally providing Carter with the motivation he needs to colour outside the lines. Almost worth waiting for.


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