The Blacklist s4 ep 15

Red is still trying to work out which of his intimates is trying to bring him down, so invites them all to a summit meeting at a restaurant. However, someone gives him a lethal dose of poison, meaning that – and it’s hardly an original plot device – he has around 24 hours to find the culprit, and an antidote, before the Task Force has to cope with life without Red.

As it happens, the identity of the person who administers the poison is reasonably clear – although still shocking – from the outset, although not to Red, whose memories of the past few hours are patchy at best. He does know, however, who created the poison: this week’s Blacklister, The Apothecary, a pharmaco-toxicologist who creates bespoke toxins designed to work with unique potency on their intended victims. (And who also has a deeply unpleasant home life.)

Finding The Apothecary isn’t unduly taxing for the Task Force: they dig up someone else who appears to be a victim, a young woman due to be a witness against a mobster but rendered comatose, and try to trace The Apothecary through her. Of course, all is not what it seems with the woman, but they find the Blacklister anyway, and thus save Red’s life. It’s a decent but unspectacular episode, with its significance presumably to be found in the revelation about who was behind the poisoning; and, in due course, why. (I’m guessing Mr. Kaplan-related…?) For which we’ll need to wait a few weeks: The Blacklist here and in the US now goes on hiatus for a few weeks, with spinoff Redemption filling the gap. We’ll preview that tomorrow.

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