Homeland s6 ep 8

Carrie is distraught about Franny being taken into foster care, although from what we see of Franny, no longer having to cower in a cellar while the strange man who lives in the basement shoots people outside her apartment, she’s doing just fine. Anyway, Saul needs Carrie to focus: he wants her to help arrange a face-to-face between Javadi and the President-elect. The meeting duly takes place, but Javadi performs an unexpected about-face and tells Keane that Iran is indeed breaching the nuclear deal, thus burning Saul and Carrie’s credibility in one go. Javadi, it turns out, has assessed the state of the market and decided to invest heavily in shares in Dar Adal. The Prince of Darkness himself, meantime, is covering as many bases as possible, this week hanging out with an alt-right wingnut who is determined to convince the world that PEOTUS’s dead war hero son was, in fact, an unprincipled coward.

This part of the episode is good enough. The way in which Astrid is treated, though, isn’t easily forgiveable. She and Quinn are at the supermarket, and he thinks he sees her speaking to Carrie’s neighbour, thus suggesting that Astrid is part of the conspiracy against him. Back at the lodge he confronts her about it, and when she denies it he punches her in the stomach and storms out, although not before claiming that they were never friends and that they just slept together because they needed company. When he comes back – having laid out a complete stranger – she eventually squeezes a grudging apology out of him, then waits expectantly for him to say that he loves her, or something. He doesn’t; or, at any rate, he doesn’t have time to, because Carrie’s neighbour starts shooting at them. Astrid goes for the gun she keeps in the car, only to find that Quinn removed the bullets from it earlier, and she’s killed (I think). It’s a pretty shameful way to treat, and a miserable ending for, a strong female character, who was one of the best things in the show. And, once again, I have to wonder whether getting rid of Quinn at the end of the last season might have been preferable.


2 thoughts on “Homeland s6 ep 8

  1. Tim March 28, 2017 / 11:18 am

    Oh, Astrid. A broken heart and a fatal bullet wound is no way to go. It will be interesting to see if this really spurs Quinn into action now.

    I struggled with the Javadi twist a bit, I have to admit. I get that he wants to get his hands on his money, but him trusting Dar Adal over Saul doesn’t feel like the sort of decision such a wily player would make. Obviously this isn’t going to end well for him.

    Speaking of Dar, I’m very impressed with his time management skills. He’ll be picking up an Oscar for Best Director next in addition to being made Crown Prince of Darkness and Child Support (Abuse of Vulnerable Young Operatives included).

    • Jed Bartlet March 28, 2017 / 11:41 am

      I dunno, Tim: from where we are we can see that Saul is “good” and Dar “bad”, but from Javadi’s point of view, if you were trying to preserve your own hide and making a ruthless calculation as to which of them seemed best able to assist with that, it might not be as clear-cut.

      But no, it won’t end well for him, and I still wonder whether the chessboard will contain both Saul and Dar by season end. It’s starting to feel as if there isn’t room for them both.

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