Public Service Announcement 10 of 2017: The Catch

CJ offered to cover the return of The Catch in her PSA the other day, but I declined because I thought she’d be mean about it. (And I was right. She would have been mean about it.) It’s strange that I kind of feel the need to be a little protective of this multi-million-dollar drama series, produced by the most successful network TV auteur of her day (Shonda), and starring some very well known actors (Enos, Krause, Walger, Simm). But it seems to me that The Catch hasn’t quite found its audience, and I think that’s a shame: it’s a breezy, engaging procedural/heist/caper drama with some good plots, great clothes, and a ship or two. Most importantly, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s looking at the moment as if this second season might be the last, although that might not be a bad thing, as The Catch is very much a show which shouldn’t outstay its welcome. I reviewed all of season 1; little chance of that this time round, given how much else Unpopcult has on its plate, but it’s a show which is definitely worth a look (tonight, 10pm, Sky Living).


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