Hawaii Five-0 s7 ep 11

It’s finally Chin’s Niece Week in Hawaii Five-0 and, in fairness, it comes reasonably close to justifying all of those annoying little snippets of Sara-related conversation in recent episodes. We start at Chin’s birthday party, but just as the cake enters the room Chin heads in the opposite direction: he’s had a phone call from Mexico telling him that Sara has been kidnapped.

To Juarez, Mexico, then, for the Five-0, where they meet up with Sara’s aunt and uncle. As with last week it seems a reasonable bet that at least one of them will be involved, and so it will turn out. In the meantime, though, they try to find Sara. First, Steve visits Mexico’s top kidnapper – yes, there does seem to be a league table, or at least a ranking system – but it wasn’t him. Then the kidnappers call – keep him on the line, ask for proof of life, the usual – and a ransom demand of *curls finger to lips* one million dollars is issued. Excellent, thinks Steve; Sara’s rich uncle can pay the kidnappers off, and we’ll all go home. Except Uncle doesn’t have any money, as he was robbed a few weeks ago by the police. So the Five-0 steal the money back.

Now in a position to trade cash for Sara, the Five-0 heads off to a rendezvous with the kidnappers. But it’s a trap: Sara was used as bait to lure the Five-0 to Mexico so they could be ambushed in retaliation for Kono jumping out of the bag and shooting the drug kingpin a few weeks ago. I don’t recall a single bullet being fired in last week’s terrific but atypical episode; this week everyone gets a chance to make up for that, as the Five-0 enters into a spectacular shootout with an equally well-armed Mexican drug cartel.

Steve and the boys emerge victorious, but as they quickly realise that makes Sara very expendable and so, without warning, Chin – who has been brooding about how everyone the Five-o knows is in constant danger, a point I’ve made about poor Grace more than once – disappears in order to surrender himself to the kidnappers in return for Sara’s release, and is driven away with a hood over his head, presumably to be executed in next week’s episode. Or, just maybe, rescued: the kidnappers hang out in a compound which not even the police or army dare to enter, and those are the kind of odds our Steve just can’t resist.


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